Sep 01, 2009

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Regecide commented on a Page, Harry potter duel script  -  Sep 02, 2009

Dang the site broke or something when I tried to post another comment hah.

Great job keeping it updating, fixing bugs and all :D We play with this thing all the time and ignore what we are supposed to be on IRC for lol. Will ask bot owner to update code so we can try it out.

The damage for player 1 and player 2 is still off on !Densaugeo

Avis is still listed twice, they both have different damages from each other, but now it's not in there 3 times lol.

Accio Phoenix is not listed in the spells when you !duelcmds, but Accio Dragon is. I assumed that accio phoenix is not a spell, but rather an ability that has a %chance to happen, but not sure. Will see when we test it out.

And a DRAGON. Heck yeah. I'll spend all day on irc just to beat it

Regecide commented on a Page, Harry potter duel script  -  Sep 02, 2009

Glad to see an update, I was getting tired of rebound being bugged out on me lol.

Avis is listed like 3x in the code. Which one is supposed to be the real one?

Phoenix Feather is granted both 1/1000th chance and/or level 10, so it is very easilly achieved after a few battles to level 10 (Probably intentional, but just wanted to add it in case) Also, I have noticed no real benefit of having the phoenix feather, and code states no clear benefit of having it other that it saying you have it. To me at least.

Aqua is not listed in wand store, maybe its a bonus for people who look at the code? Regardless, a friend bought it and keep casting aquamenti. I bought flame wand and keep casting incendo. We each did our spell about 100 times total. My max damage was 50, his max damage was 46. We bought have phoenix feathers. Basic Incendo should do 47 damage max I did 50, so I assume maybe phoenix feather added 3? Otherwise the 5-15 flame wand never added more than 12, and I never got a luck roll. His aqua did 46 max, 23 min. Basic max is 46 for aqua, and thats what he got max. so never got a luck roll, or not a good one, and did not get wand bonus or never combined max for more than 8 damage. Perhaps luck roll is broken?

When trying to !duel, you often get a message "somone is fighting an ogre at the moment" But nobody is fighting an ogre. I can !duel ogre or !duel basalisk, and it works, but I can't !duel !fight !dm. I have to !unset then !duel.

Conjunctivitis does not give the same damage depends on which player you are. Player 1 does 15-35, player 2 does 0-38, with the same spell.
The same exact thing happens with Densaugeo.

Deprimo is the same as above as well. For player 1 it is 10-45 but for player 2 it is 10-35.

When I !challenge someone (!Challange, since it's typo'd) it sends them my request, but does not tell them how to accept. Nor is it in the code. We tried all kinds of things but it wouldn't accept the challenge.

I just thought I'd post what I found so that if you make further updates you know what the current problems (Or possible problems, as we may have just gotten bad luck testing) are to work on.

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