Jul 21, 2009
Web Devolopment
I'm a real work-o-holic.


Ghost-writer   -  Mar 03, 2010

@Jethro Hey nubcake ;< Your formally invited to ze swift chan! #Hawkee (, we have all the kewli people except you :< & fordlawnmower i guess ;.

Ghost-writer   -  Mar 03, 2010

@Silvaer Hey, your formally invited to the SwiftIRC Hawkee Channel ( #Hawkee - Feel free to come anytime for any scripting help :P.

Ghost-writer   -  Feb 28, 2010

@FordLawnmower Check out the new hawkee channel: #Hawkee - You have been formally invited :0.

Ghost-writer   -  Feb 27, 2010

@vinyltm There is already a bot that does all the things you need on in channel #Blank - Co0kiebot

Ghost-writer   -  Feb 06, 2010

@PowerScripters Your server didnt even work for me.

Ghost-writer   -  Jul 28, 2009

@Lingo whats your home server / channel?

Ghost-writer   -  Jul 21, 2009

your soo cool :)
ilu please never go
i made my own sexy script for you

on *:join:#: if ($nick == Termz) msg # Termz your sooo sexy

of course this in no way is in my remote XD :) but he is sexy

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