Jul 21, 2009
Web Devolopment
I'm a real work-o-holic.

mIRC Code Snippets

Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Jan 09, 2011

Definition script ;). Will define any word in any language, just type "/Define Word".

Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Dec 12, 2010
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Want to make a kagillion emails on your home connection? go for it.

Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Aug 04, 2010

Basically, gets the title of urls posted in channels, useful for when some guy posts a rick roll :P.

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Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Aug 04, 2010

Open port scanner This scans all the ports specified in the script, you can change them.

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Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Apr 10, 2010
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This is my hawkee searcher snippet :), you can type /search or have another user type !Search . The only way to see how good it is, is to try it yourself :).

Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Jan 26, 2010

Type !dns <Ip/Person> and it should work :).

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Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Jan 23, 2010
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This is my Poll Script :), All you do is click the background, put in 2 options atleast and a question then click the New Poll button, To have a person vote they must type < [.!@]Vote Option > And then you end poll, its that easy :).

Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Dec 25, 2009

This is my auto identify script, to use it just put it in and right click the background then type auto identify dialog, or type /identify.

Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Dec 21, 2009
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This is my hash saver :), Just right click your background or type: /HashDialog Result, you get a dialog with the little unchecked buttons, Check them, and you never lose your hash tables again :D! You can also save immeditly or load immeditly via the button :).

Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Nov 29, 2009

Yes, i know its a lot for a flood protection, but i made it so it would be appealing to your eyes, i hope it did its job, comments accepted always room for improvement.

Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Nov 21, 2009

This is the time window! You right click the background and type display time or you can type /timedisplay and look at the window, What it does is make a window with the time popping up :) if you want you can change how it displays the time were it says ";Changeable".

Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Nov 19, 2009
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ehh just a little rpg i was making a while ago, i got the idea of a java script but i didnt completely get the idea from that so i didnt feel it was enough to give credit, if you want a link to the script just request and i will put it up, this is all in 1 window and you type /load, i tried to make the game as clear as possible and its not finished yet, there is NO diamond city, its just in the code.

Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Nov 01, 2009

This is the star wars rpg, this is the sequal to my harry potter idea :P. To work it you type !start or in the on load enter your owners name and then type !help game for any extra help,

Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Oct 31, 2009

Go ahead, change the colours so you can tell people apart, all you do is menu c, click colors then your dialog and information pop up, use a number in the pop ups and bam you got your colours.

Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Oct 17, 2009

I have posted this snippet to call together all the greatest scripters to abuse msl on such a level as to make a completely new ultra identifier :O! To do this, i will have to make a way to know if a person is on the server. ial wouldnt work if they havent joined etc. so what is there to do that doesnt include setting a million variables :|? Well thats were all you come in. Good luck. >:D

Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Oct 11, 2009

My seen script, im very proud of the fact i added my $fulldate with out the ending which would just annoy me :| anyways, heres the script :). Type !seen < person > if you seen them, the script has to.

Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Oct 09, 2009

This is the darkest script. load it in your remote to find more information, summary tho. Sexy colours, sexy other things, flood control word strippers color basers. etc. its very good for a loaded theme, maybe the best :).

Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Oct 03, 2009

cookie! type !launch and itl start fucking up your channel :).

Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Sep 13, 2009

For all help ops and ircops, who needs to be good at help when you got dialogs like these?

Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Sep 04, 2009

Army script - i give the idea, you elaborate on it, gave up on this a long time ago. it works tho.

Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Sep 03, 2009

My personal whois, I am just starting with raw today so positive input please :D

Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Aug 26, 2009

Wizard duels. Welcome to the dueling game! This is the only harry potter script on the internet! To use it type !duel and somone else type !duel and then you fight it out :). Or you can make potions by typing !potion store getting somthing from there and !mix potion and !drink potion. And you can buy a new wand and at the beginning of the game it gives you a wand :O! just type !wand :). Feel free to..

Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Aug 21, 2009

This is my gangster rpg. I made it a couple days ago and decided i would share with you guys :). objective is to get money be rich and kill everyone you see. Good luck with that :). Add anything you like. Just be sure to give me credit for it some were :|.

Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Aug 12, 2009

a Black list script not all the bugs are editted out so if you see any msg but its just a little thing i put together in my spair time :) please positive comments ;x and if you are a grammer nazi looking for me im on under the nick Termz just msg me all my wrong doings :]

Ghost-writer created a Page  -  Aug 12, 2009

Best bomb script on hawkee. 4 colours, a few cheats for the confused person and a bomb score thingy :P. commands are, !bombscore person !bomb person, if no person is given it will use you, you cannot bomb the bot. and to cut a wire just say the word in a sentence, and no, you cannot say !red !blue !black !green. it will use the last one you choose.

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