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Grant- commented on a Comment, mIRC Theme  -  Apr 01, 2013
Grant- liked Hawkee's Thread  -  Oct 22, 2011
Grant- commented on a Page, mIRC Theme  -  Oct 19, 2011

Done. New theme here. Read the directions if you'd truly like it to look like mine

Grant- created a Page  -  Oct 19, 2011

This is a theme for mIRC, inspired by nns. In order to use this theme, you must have a monospaced theme - every character should have the same width. I personally use Droid Sans Mono Slashed.

Grant- commented on a Page, mIRC Theme  -  Oct 14, 2011

Actually, if someone would like, I'll post my newest theme, and it's rather different than the past. It's monospaced and more personalized to suit me, however, if anyone would like, I will. Picture here.

Grant- commented on a Page, Darkest script  -  Jul 12, 2011

I just wish this would actually be a snippet instead of all his scripts. Also, if this is a part of a theme, I wish it actually contained most of the triggers. On the other hand, this guy has been banned from various networks for child porn distribution/malicious scripts, therefore I deem him untrustworthy. But, it seems fine as of july 12th

Grant- commented on a Page, Need Help  -  Jun 19, 2011

o okay thanks! but it still doesn't work I don't understand..

Grant- commented on a Page, Need Help  -  Jun 19, 2011

How do I load this script into remote? Or do I load it into my variables ini? I'm confused! :(

Grant- commented on a Page, Random Chuck Norris Fact/Joke  -  Jun 11, 2011

I like it, one addition you can add is write all the new messages to a file, and then whenever there's a sockerr, you can just read from that file.

Grant- commented on a Page, Idle Popup  -  May 22, 2011

I like it, I'll use a variation of it myself..

Grant- commented on a Page, Highlight Flood Protection  -  Sep 15, 2010

I'm telling him to try and figure out what my regex means while using that site. It is NOT easy to manage through it, and it is NOT easy for people just learning regex to use. If you're one of the 3% who can honestly learn better from reading than you could from looking at examples and trying them yourself, good for you..But other than that? No, majority of us don't learn that way. Since this is a beginning script, I'm assuming he's beginning mIRC fairly recently. In which case the best method for learning a new language is through looking at other scripts, examples, and trying them out/playing with it. Could I be wrong? Yes. Am I most likely wrong? No. Like I said, it's how a majority of others learn and remember.

Grant- commented on a Page, Highlight Flood Protection  -  Sep 15, 2010

He suggested you use regex, not ask him for the finished script with it in -.-

Type into mirc:
/help $regex
/help $regml (Youll need it later on)

and example:
if ($regex($1-,/.+ $me .+/i)) {

That will make sure that whatever is said only matches your name with spaces around it. You might want to allow for other characters like "s,.!" etc. I HIGHLY recommend you entirely disregard that. mIRC's help function doesn't cover much of regex. isn't very user-friendly and basically hard to read/learn from unless you know most of it already. I recommend just looking at other examples and trying things out.
For example,
Try figuring what that will and will not match using ...

Grant- commented on a Page, Very Simple Time Script  -  Sep 14, 2010

Yes, but it was his original coding, so I left it be.. not too sure why now though

Grant- commented on a Page, Channel Blacklist for bots  -  Sep 10, 2010

You look like a java coder

Grant- commented on a Page, unReal IRC Theme Engine  -  Sep 07, 2010
on &^*:ACTION:*:#: {
  echo $color(Action) -mt $target » $stat($nick,$chan) $nick $1-
haltdef }

Just.. ugly random placement of brackets, not the "clean" way to code it. And you'd need to use $rawmsg in order to check if it's been sent to the channel ops via /msg @#channel Hello! For example, I'll grab part of my own theme...

on ^*:ACTION:*:#:{
  echo -tm $chan ⁞ 13› 7( $+ $ranick($nick,$chan) $+ 14 $+ $nick $+ $iif($left($gettok($rawmsg,3,32),1) isin @%+,7 $+ $chr(40) $+ $colo($v1) $+ 7 $+ $chr(41)) $+ 7) $1-
Grant- commented on a Page, unReal IRC Theme Engine  -  Sep 07, 2010

Wtf happened to your brackets.. looks nice overall tho. maybe add something to tell if someone does a msg/describe/notice @%+#channel..

Grant- commented on a Page, Blackjack Unfinished  -  Sep 07, 2010

Your snippet will be deleted if you break any of the following rules:

* Snippet needs to be tested and functional.
* Introduction must describe what the snippet does and how it is used.
* At least 25% of the code must be written by you.
* If you used somebody else's snippet you must include a URL to the original.
* You may not post an updated snippet separately, you need to edit your first post. 

o.. dats what you see before posting a snippet

Grant- commented on a Page, Dont look >_>  -  Sep 05, 2010

I wish I could make something as awesome as this.

Grant- commented on a Page, System Info  -  Sep 01, 2010

Impressive :D
I only see one thing wrong with it...

Bandwidth: 9223372036854777900KBps

Grant- commented on a Page, PM Blocker  -  Aug 31, 2010

I notice there's some text in a language other than english, could you translate it fully? Either entirely to english or the other language..

Grant- commented on a mIRC Script, EntryBot  -  Aug 30, 2010

What does it do? What can it do? Why should we get this over other bots?

Grant- commented on a Page, Whois Theme  -  Aug 30, 2010

You should take a picture of it! That way we'll know what it looks like, also, take into account that some ASCII characters are 'different' on 7.x and <=6.35 :p Also, what font do you use? What color background?
No real reason but here's my own:

Grant- commented on a Page, colorfull whois  -  Aug 29, 2010

Perhaps you could take a picture instead of pasting lines, as it isn't too easy.
Here's an example of mine...ImageUnless of course, this looks better to you.
4⁞⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻14/Whois15 Grant- 10(Grant10)4⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻⁻
4⁞ 14Address4:15
4⁞ 14Channels4:15 4@15#tezz 4@15#phil 4@15#Network 4@15#dsp 4@15#dean- 4@15#carrots 4@15#grant 8%15#Stewie-O 12+15#mw 12+15#gaming #rshelp #msl #java #IRC
4⁞ 14Server4:15 * 10(15SwiftIRC network10)
4⁞ 14Identified
4⁞ 14Idle4:15 15m 27s
4⁞ 14Sign-on4:15 2d 9h 6m 3s 10(15August 27th 4:11am10)

Grant- commented on a Page, PM Accept/Deny Script  -  Aug 22, 2010

If you're going to use dialog -x in both if statements, why both? and if you have the target as 2,3 - you don't really need a if/if, if/else would be fine.. and you never need to use / in remotes...

  dialog -x PM PM
  if ($did == 2) {
    query %pmnick PM Accepted!
  else {
    msg %pmnick I am sorry %pmnick $+ . I have chosen to deny your PM. If you continue to try to PM me I will /ignore you. Have a nice day!
    .close -m %pmnick
Grant- commented on a Page, Hash View/Edit Dialog  -  Aug 20, 2010

Perhaps you could add pictures?

Grant- commented on a Page, Spin rejected  -  Aug 18, 2010
.timer 1 16 /kick $nick 12,1Next time don't be such a dumbass6,1 $nick
.timer 1 16 /kick $chan $nick 12,1Next time don't be such a dumbass6,1 $nick

Ok, troll time. Why such a pointless spammy script?.. I understand maybe three lines every minute or something, but 8 messages in 14 seconds would be rather annoying.. You'd probably want to add spam protection, what would happen if I typed !spinthat four times within a second? That means you'd attempt to send 32 messages in 14 seconds, or 2-3 messages a second..

Grant- commented on a Page, mIRC Theme  -  Aug 15, 2010

Note: it's been almost a year since I've commented on this theme. Would anyone like a completely different theme? Also, I use mIRC 7.1

Grant- commented on a Page, nick  -  Nov 22, 2009

I know Ghost-Writer has pride for his child pornographical images which he distributed over our nice and innocent server of SwiftIRC, but then he even did something as bad as joining a channel and to ask to DDoS an IP! He's in touch with his inner child, as it's never left them

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