Jul 17, 2009

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p0psicl3stik commented on a Page, The Game script  -  Jul 31, 2010

Jethro_, it seems the script is designed under the assumption that you wouldn't want this shit going off in every channel. This is in NO WAY treating hawkee like a paste bin, the code is sound and just up here as a mirror and for anyone else that would want it. Obviously people wont willing join a channel that will make them lose The Game, so the what it seems is that intent is to link another channel as a prank to make your friends lose.

I personally think using INI's is fine, it may over complicate the script a bit but theres no reason to not challenge yourself while scripting.

At any rate, the channel is interchangeable, so it could be changed by someone who had any idea how to use a basic text editor, and if they're adding scripts, they should probably know at least how the triggers work.

Jethro_ please stop treating Hawkee like its your personal domain.

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