Jul 13, 2009
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pickle16 created a Page  -  Jun 01, 2011

Meh haven't posted one in long time and was bored... so i written this entirly useless thing. XD basicly, it replaces the nickcolors in the nicklist with a random one every 1 second. yay! just type /rnc in a channel... /rnc to stop :)

pickle16 created a Page  -  Dec 13, 2010

meh just a snake game....i made this like a year ago when i was just learning java ;p

pickle16 created a Page  -  Dec 10, 2009

Its a ping pong game! you use the mouse to move your paddle while the AI tries to hit the ball which it sometimes doesn't succed so its possible to win :)

pickle16 created a Page  -  Aug 26, 2009

this is a bot i made, all the coding was done by me even though i haven.t touched the code in months. :s So there might be alot of bugs but everything seems to work fine....

pickle16 created a Page  -  Jul 19, 2009
3 550 

It will give people cookies onpon entry and they can ask for cookies by saying "cookie 1-1000" and you can aslo steal other peoples cookies by typing "!take 1-100" it also has a top 3 cookie monster thingy type "!topcookie" there a 5000 cookie a day limit so everybody won't take all of them in one day :) Enjoy! :D

pickle16 created a Page  -  Jul 13, 2009

when turned on it will automaticly replace every letter character you type into random colors. :o and this is my first script that i posted on hawkee. :o just type /switch and enjoy! :D

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