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Geckat created a Page  -  Jan 05, 2013

Load this into your bot, and she will do as you command, either through notices (using the ! prefix) or through messages on a channel that she is on (using, of course, the phrase "would you kindly?").

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Geckat commented on a Page, Heart Thunder  -  Jun 10, 2012

Thanks much; I'll try all that and see how it goes. Cheers.

Geckat commented on a Page, Heart Thunder  -  Jun 09, 2012

Actually, will that work for

if ($nick($chan,%tnick) !isop $chan) && ($nick($chan,%tnick) !ishop $chan) && ($nick($chan,%tnick) !isvoice $chan)

as well?

if ($nick($chan,%tnick) !isreg #) {
Geckat commented on a Page, Heart Thunder  -  Jun 09, 2012

Will do, thank you. :)

Geckat commented on a Page, Heart Thunder  -  Jun 06, 2012

It's adding a space in there. Unfortunately doesn't show up in the new code window.

Geckat commented on a Page, Yet Another Timebomb Script  -  Jun 06, 2012

If you modify it to make it more efficient, that would be phenomenal. You should definitely let me have a look in that case so I can learn from it; I'm still very much just an occasional hobbyist :) . Thanks!

In future scripts I'll look into merging text events. It just seems weird to me that having a script always trigger on every text event, even if it's only one line, would be more efficient. I'll also look into hash. It's something I've never seen or heard of.

Geckat created a Page  -  Jun 06, 2012

Hawkee's sort of becoming my depository for whatever script I write, no matter how stupid or frivolous. This is one of those. Move along. Nothing to see here.

Geckat commented on a Page, Yet Another Timebomb Script  -  May 27, 2012

Alright, thanks. It would mean some variables would be able to be local, if I recall, but only maybe one or two if any. Still need to fix the issue where aliases are necessary if I have multiple lines tied to one timer.

Geckat commented on a Page, Yet Another Timebomb Script  -  May 27, 2012

Ah, that. Wouldn't the number of lines then be exactly the same? It would also trigger parts of the script every time someone sends text. I was under the impression this was a Bad Thing™.

Geckat commented on a Page, Yet Another Timebomb Script  -  May 26, 2012

I'm not sure how I would do that, unless I've been misinformed on how timers work with each line. I take it you mean each series of text events would be combined, rather than every single text event in the script combined into a single one?

Geckat commented on a Page, Yet Another Timebomb Script  -  May 25, 2012

Local variables wouldn't have allowed me to use aliases, which are necessary for the timers. In any case, unless the script screws up for some reason, all variables set are unset at the end of the script.


Geckat created a Page  -  May 24, 2012

I know there are tons of these out there, but we've gone through like four of them and all of them leave us going, at some point, "Well, that's kind of stupid." So I finally got tired of doing productive things and wrote my own. Huzzah.

Geckat created a Page  -  May 24, 2012

Replaces every instance of the word "keyboard" with "leopard" as you type. Silly script. Way more amusing than it should be.

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Geckat commented on a Page, Demode all users  -  Feb 21, 2011

I agree, admin. I run a forum along with a channel, and the only posts I ever delete are those of spambots (backlinks and whatnot). When I decide to go on Hawkee when I'm actually awake, I'll make a point of cleaning up this thread, though, now that this has all been said and done. Just for cleanliness's sake.

@ Mosh: I will definitely look at those identifiers and see if I can't work them into the script. I also wasn't aware it was common for mode/line limits to be stringent on servers. Dynastynet just underwent a system change, so perhaps I should find out and make sure.

Geckat commented on a Page, Demode all users  -  Feb 17, 2011

Wow, thanks for all the comments, guys! I really appreciate all the constructive advice I got, and I'm glad you're all enjoying the script so much. Please feel free to spam up my other scripts as well!

Dunno what $modespl is, but Jethro's always been a big help before so I'll give it a look sometime. I'm sure it can be incorporated.

Thanks for the comment, Litch, and glad you like the script. I was a tad surprised to see 52 notices on this script, but I suppose I should leave these comments here until some moderation can be done. Far as I can see, nothing was done about Dean.

Sunny, that image is perfect, and it's so true (at least on my goofy channel). I've half a mind to put it up on the Mibbit client we have on the site as a joke.

Pretty much all the rest of you should A) stop trolling, B) stop being so trollable, and C) gtfo my snippet.

Geckat created a Page  -  Feb 16, 2011
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A lot of people post their "ingenious" auto-kick-all scripts and get responses typically along the lines of, "this is actually a get-yourself-banned-from-your-server script." The fact is that some of us like power a little too much and enjoy the prospect of affecting one's entire channel, users all, with a couple keystrokes. It just doesn't stop being funny, at least until you get booted from the..

Geckat commented on a Page, ID Address by Nick  -  Dec 28, 2010

Aye, this was the first script I'd written using files of any sort. Thanks for noticing :P .

Whole lines needn't be erased in this script because of that dash you noted, jaytea. That dash, combined with the lack of a third value in the command, created the problem Back2Life had. Because it only takes the first and second tokens in a line, divided by spaces, even if the line is

-fgh, that part remaining of the "old" line will not affect the output - as long as there is in fact an address and a name as the first two tokens of the line :P . I've made it so the file is not written to otherwise any longer, so the problem should vanish, but I would be very interested in learning how to overwrite a full line.

I will also look into /write and $read. I used them sparingly, because I couldn't find much for assistance on mIRC's help file or other resources (or examples in scripts I currently use), and because I don't believe it's possible to use /write to actually overwrite a certain line (or part of it, as it were). Even removing a couple lines to avoid opening and closing a file repeatedly is something worth doing. I'll also look into /filter; I can't say I've ever even heard of it before.

Thanks for your comments, jaytea and Jethro.

Geckat commented on a Page, ID Address by Nick  -  Dec 27, 2010

Thank you. And yes, your problem was caused by the command syntax thing. I've updated with a return for that mistake that'll prevent the file from buggering up if anyone makes the same mistake you did. I recommend you overwrite the script with the new version now here. Thank you for pointing it out, and I hope it continues to work properly for you.

Geckat commented on a Page, ID Address by Nick  -  Dec 27, 2010

Not sure what that dash replacing the first character in the name is about. I haven't had the issue, but will look into it. I wonder if you could send me a log of your entire test of the script from start to finish, as well as ID.txt.

The syntax to change a name associated with an address (or add a new address to the list) is

!id <nick> <name>

I will put in a return for $3 == $null. That's the reason you were associated with a blank name.

Might not have been descriptive enough about what the script does. It associates a name with an address so that, instead of running a /whois on someone whose identity you are unsure of and hoping to recognize the address from before, you can instead call up a name - either automatically or manually defined - previously associated with the user's host. For instance, my usual nick is Yitik. If I popped on your channel as Yitik, I would be defined as such, and then if I later came in as an unregistered nick of another user who frequents your channel, you could easily see just who I am in plain English.

Geckat created a Page  -  Dec 27, 2010
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After looking for a script to do this for me for a while, finally gave myself a slap and wrote it myself. If your channel's userbase is anything like mine, you'll have morons entering your channel all the time pretending to be some other schmuck who never registered his nick, or someone who is otherwise not himself. So you either have to put up with his idiocy, kick him, or look through your logs..

Geckat commented on a Page, Pandoras Talking Bot  -  Sep 12, 2010

I've only messed with this for a few minutes, but I think my chat will love it. They've been asking me for something like this ever since they were exposed en masse to GeniusBot, and I've told them that it's not possible. Well, I guess it is. I wish I understood sockets better. A very amusing script, and an easily run one as well; I'll throw caution to the wind and give you 10/10, because you certainly deserve it for even attempting the creation of something this comprehensive.

Geckat commented on a Page, Dice Poker  -  May 23, 2010

Fixed the timers. In my defense, I'm running the script on a bot, and I just assumed people would be doing the same. Since the only time I'll ever be looking at the window is when something isn't working, echoes are usually a good thing ;) .

Abstaining from using square brackets to identify variables wasn't working for me. In fact, this is one of the recurring sources of my headaches.

On the opting in command, honestly, none of my chat has accidentally said "oink" or something to that effect to start a message during the ten seconds or so before a game actually starts, so I'll personally be leaving it. I'll change the code here on Hawkee so that it includes the exclamation mark.

Geckat commented on a Page, Dice Poker  -  May 22, 2010

Alright, thanks.

Geckat created a Page  -  May 22, 2010

After playing dice poker against the AI in The Witcher, I knew I'd found a game I could adapt to IRC with the skills I currently have with its scripting language. Dice poker is what it sounds like: instead of cards, you use dice, betting and raising, rolling and re-rolling to try and get the highest-scoring "hand" to take the pot. It's easier to play than its more well-known counterpart, which means..

Geckat commented on a Page, JinxBot  -  Sep 03, 2009

I'm a guy. The reason the bot is a girl is because she's called MidnaBot. We're at #wmb on DynastyNet. MB is actually absent until Tuesday, though, since I'm away from my desktop till then.

Geckat commented on a Page, JinxBot  -  Sep 03, 2009

This is a bot script, and no, it doesn't ;) . My bot voices herself.

Geckat commented on a Page, JinxBot  -  Sep 02, 2009

Thanks Tzar, and Jethro :D . I honestly expected people to be like "lol n00b", but not only did I get positive feedback but I got a solution to my problem! You guys rule.

Also, seems Tzar's replacement line works best (and yes, I did fix the typo in Jethro's). Thanks a ton :) .

Geckat created a Page  -  Sep 01, 2009
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I'm a major newb to perl and mIRC scripting, and likely will be for a while as I'm mostly just blundering through things and learning as I go rather than actively studying how to work the language. So, I know there will be some inefficiencies with this snippet, and maybe even a bug or two (hopefully nothing too serious...I've used it for a while, never had troubles), so if you find anything and have..

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