Jun 12, 2009

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[HANZam] commented on a Page, Safe Crack  -  Aug 13, 2009

it works.. nice game...

[HANZam] commented on a Page, Bomb script.  -  Aug 13, 2009

why its not working on me...

im using
• mIRC 6.36
• dalnet server

[HANZam] commented on a Page, Slap retaliate  -  Aug 07, 2009

@jethro thnks.. hehehe.

it works. I like it

[HANZam] commented on a Page, C++ variable use  -  Aug 04, 2009


in my opinion your declaring Z as your 1st number and X as 2nd number but your condition said Z=X*Y.. better change your inputs very well..that's all.

and for you Zmodem


using namespace std;

int main()
int num1,num2,product;
cout << "Enter first number: ";
cin >> num1;
cout << "Enter second number: ";
cin >> num2;
product = num1 * num2;
cout << "The product is: " << product << endl;
return 0;

better change it dude..

int num1,num2,product;>>> to double num1,num2,product;

cause integers are declaring only a single variable..

[HANZam] commented on a Page, Hello world C++  -  Aug 04, 2009

your using C++ right where's return 0;?? you should have return 0; in your script or else your program will have syntax error.

[HANZam] commented on a Page, Slap retaliate  -  Aug 04, 2009


I tried your script

on :ACTION:slaps:#: {
if ($($+(
,$me,*) iswm $1-)) {
describe $chan slaps $nick around with a bit of a large trout

but I observed that if someone slap somebody not you... the script automatically slap back to the person who made the first slap...

can u fix it? by the way I like the script...

[HANZam] commented on a Page, Simple converting badwords to "censored"  -  Jul 15, 2009

script is a failure.. nice idea for a user who is a female...

[HANZam] commented on a Page, Repeat Kicker.  -  Jul 03, 2009

how about, a warning. Probably 2 warnings if they continued using repeated letters. Then kick on the 3rd time. Can u modified for me if im not asking too much.. :)


[HANZam] commented on a Page, Kick revenge  -  Jun 24, 2009

napa 182,

ur suggested kick is this one right?

on @*:kick:#:{
if ($knick == $me) {
echo $active $timestamp 0,3 $nick kicked u from $chan $+ . Crason: $1-
join $chan
kick $chan $nick Dumn dont kick me from $chan

I test it and I run it. I observed that, if some operator kick me out of purpose, the action will be is (ChanServ: #channelname - ME has deopped YOU) if im in the auto join when kick. and it never trigger the kick revenge.

my question is,
where is the line that saying, (Dumn dont kick me from $chan)?

[HANZam] commented on a Page, Kick+ban Inviter/Flooder  -  Jun 18, 2009


thanks for the help.. it really does work.

[HANZam] commented on a Page, Kick+ban Inviter/Flooder  -  Jun 16, 2009

and also if an operator gives an adverticement of any website or channel, how will the script warn him or kick him out of the channel.

can u help?

[HANZam] commented on a Page, Bad word warning and kick  -  Jun 16, 2009

Im referring to TYE script from canada who wrote of this script.

; Copy the following code into your remotes (Alt+R)
; Tye @ Undernet #mirc.net
on @:TEXT::#: {
; The list of swears. Words should be separated by commas
var %swears = fark,shoot,mittens
; Number of times to warn before banning
var %warns = 2
var %x = $numtok(%swears,44)
tokenize 32 $strip($1-)
while (%x) && ($nick isreg $chan) {
if ($istok($1-,$gettok(%swears,%x,44),32)) {
inc $+(%,swear.,$wildsite)
var %n = $($+(%,swear.,$wildsite),2)
if (%n <= %warns) {
notice $nick $nick $+ , this is your $ord(%n) warning for using forbidden language in this channel. $iif(%n = %warns,Breaking the channel rules one more time will result in ban.)
elseif (%n > %warns) {
ban -ku300 $chan $nick 2 Using forbidden language
unset $+(%,swear.,$wildsite)
dec %x
; Reset all of the swear data on mIRC start
on :START: { unset %swear. }

so, where will I delete the part of this script to enable to kick anybody and warn anybody who uses the foul word.

[HANZam] commented on a Page, Bad word warning and kick  -  Jun 16, 2009

the script is very nice coz if u violate the script, it will warns u. but my concern is how can u make enable to kick the Operator when he or she type the badwords... can u give me an example where to put the command in the script?

[HANZam] commented on a Page, Kick+ban Inviter/Flooder  -  Jun 15, 2009

I like the script so much, is so very simple and it gives a warning. But I have a question, Can u give me an exact sample on how not to kick some friend in the channel.
can u enumerate the step's one-by-one..

thnks, and more power to all...

[HANZam] commented on a Page, Badwords kicker  -  Jun 13, 2009

how about, if an OPERATOR uses any badwords... why is it the script could not kick him/her.. what are the modification of the script could kick an OPERATOR...

more power guys.. thanks

[HANZam] commented on a mIRC Script, MP3 Player v1.0  -  Jun 13, 2009

is it compatible with mIRC v6.35?

[HANZam] commented on a Page, Badwords kicker  -  Jun 13, 2009

I have a question, where do I put the command
/set %badwords blah.blah2.blah3 etc
in the codes?

could u give me an example of the script such as /set %badwords fuck. ass hole.pussy.cum.cock

thanks ahead and godbless...

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