Jun 11, 2009

mIRC Code Snippets

sk68 created a Page  -  Sep 24, 2010
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A quiet little channel link that works entirely on socket connections.

sk68 created a Page  -  Aug 03, 2010

A basic socket bot for mIRC

sk68 created a Page  -  Jul 08, 2010

Uses information from a /who command and adds a menu option to display it in the nicklist pop-up menu

sk68 created a Page  -  Jul 02, 2010

Allows you to protect nicks you have registered by being used by others, using NickServ's GHOST command. They don't even have to be in any channels with you!

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sk68 created a Page  -  Sep 18, 2009

Its not winning any awards but it will (at a very basic level) store factoids sort of like an infobot, key word in the title being 'simple' ;)

sk68 created a Page  -  Aug 26, 2009
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Pretty self explanatory, an auto-join list that updates itself, any channel you join will be added to your auto-join list, any chan you part will be removed, if you are banned from a chan on your auto-join list it SHOULD be removed, this may not work as different servers use different raw codes(its also possible I screwed up the raw event but blame the server first =D).

sk68 created a Page  -  Jul 16, 2009

Ignore Script for bot

sk68 created a Page  -  Jun 23, 2009

Just a simple away system for anyone without. I had a little trouble debugging this one because of interfering scripts so if anyone has any problems I will try to fix them.

sk68 created a Page  -  Jun 11, 2009

Finally got around to updating this one ^^

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