May 30, 2009

Code Snippets

anthony1293 created a Page  -  Aug 11, 2011

This is a hash table manager/viewer to help view and manager your hash tables easily. This manager has many options allowing you to edit and change info within a hash table.

anthony1293 created a Page  -  Apr 03, 2011

This is a work in progress, still some bugs still in here but works. Code is still a bit messy i haven't had time to go through and clean it up. still have a lot to add to it. it does have an auto update feature so any updates will be automatically downloaded (if it's enabled) . This Script has some features that other mp3 players have such as song position bar, volume bar and display options.

anthony1293 created a Page  -  Aug 08, 2009

runescape claninfo script triggers are: !ml !memberlist

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anthony1293 created a Page  -  Jun 06, 2009

with this you can either set a permeant ban or a timed ban. commands: !kb - sets a regular ban !ban - sets a timed ban !kick - kicks

anthony1293 created a Page  -  Jun 05, 2009

a fun bomb game, i made it with 3 rounds to make it more challenging. to start basically type !bomb and it will tell you what to do from there. have fun!

anthony1293 created a Page  -  Jun 05, 2009

this was made for RuneScape, you can set an event and it will count down the time until the time is up. when the time is up it will announce it to the channel.

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anthony1293 created a Page  -  May 30, 2009

this gives people 3 warnings before they are kicked. after they are warned 3 times they are kicked for 2 minutes. the second time they are kicked for 24 hours. Commands: !warn - gives them a warning (1-3) !decwarn - lowers their warning level by 1 !resetwarn - resets the warning level back to 0

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anthony1293 created a Page  -  May 30, 2009

this will give people OP or halfop everytime they log into a channel. it does it so you do not need to be registered on a channel all you need to do is type the command and they're added to the list to give them either OP or halfop commands: !op - gives them op !hop - gives them halfop !deop - take off op !dehop - takes off halfop

anthony1293 created a Page  -  May 30, 2009

this is one of my first snippets i've made. i know it can be made shorter. but i'm just getting used to it all. commands: !set vote - sets a vote for the channel !yes - votes yes !no - votes no !@results - shows the results of the vote !resetvote - resets the vote for the channel

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