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hy71194 commented on a Page, Resolve Location ($location | /l | raw)  -  Jul 05, 2009

It would be an epic update to use a webdatabase to search up the location of the IP addresses, such as http://geotool.flagfox.net/?ip= for Hawkee.com.
All it must do is strip letters, -'s, etc from the hostname, then socket to that website, then trim off where it says the country and city. It is genius! :D

hy71194 commented on a Page, Dynamic Signature Updater Triggered by mIRC  -  May 17, 2009

@andromeda ...... what?

Anyone else using it? (:
It is easy to convert to update and display the most recent comments into the sig too, if that is what rocks your boat.

hy71194 commented on a Page, Dynamic Signature Updater Triggered by mIRC  -  May 14, 2009

@andromeda: That is my IRC nickname. Idiots were /nick'ing to stuff like "Harry_Real" and !sig'ing stuff like "LOL I SUCK COCKS".

@WorldDMT: Jaja, I know I can do that, but I like it better my way, thanks anyways.

hy71194 created a Page  -  May 14, 2009

Hi, this is my first release here, please comment what you like/dislike about it! :)

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hy71194 commented on a Page, IP Address Locator  -  May 06, 2009

ip2location.com is very accurate in my tests. You can download their database and make your own website with it, to remove their 20/day limit.

hy71194 commented on a Page, Have you heard of MORT?  -  May 06, 2009

FordLawnmower: Good job, you fed the troll, now he will come back for more :(

SeiferAlmasy: You made Fred waste more time than it took you to reply to his reply that you thought was a waste of time. (wat?)
You could have fixed the entire problem by alt+f4ing, and never posting a flame here again. We help beginners, not troll them. We are a programming community, not a flame community. If you want to flame, go to an imageboard or something. (Also, yay for E-Drama!)

Weasel: Don't give up, hopefully soon you can write a more advanced script? :)

hy71194 commented on a Page, Rapidshare Link Checker  -  May 04, 2009

Very nice. It would be a cool addon to make it into a full-leech script? Like you add your URLS, it downloads the files, then mail()'s you the urls on the server once it is done, and also mails a delete URL? Would be amazing.

Sort of like RapidLeech, only more simple.

hy71194 commented on a Page, Weather Script w/5-day Forecast  -  Apr 26, 2009


A few bugs happened though.

Error 421: Unknown command: NOTICE$NICK

  • /hfree: insufficient parameters (line 269, wunder.mrc)
  • /did: invalid parameters
  • /did: invalid parameters

I edited the script a little to notice it to the user, instead of sending to the chan. Is that where I went wrong? http://pastebin.torrentialstorm.net/104

hy71194 commented on a Page, Idle Kicker  -  Apr 26, 2009

Can I ask .. what is the point of this?!? Most people LOVE idlers in their room.

Edit: Nevermind, I read the comments again.. but it still does not make scene to me why someone would do that.

hy71194 commented on a Page, Highlighter Log  -  Apr 25, 2009

Very nice. I like it.

hy71194 commented on a Page, Simple Nick Identifier  -  Apr 25, 2009

Hrm, sorry for gravedig. Just wanted to correct Kirby.

Some networks do not allow /ns, vs /msg nickserv. Some require you to actually message it.

hy71194 commented on a Page, RSSFeed Script  -  Apr 25, 2009

Yes they are :)

And is my config for the .hsh file correct? Does it need a blank line between each feed?

Edit: Using nodialog version, working fine mostly. Only, some of the feeds are not working. The #/r/ one is, CNN is, but the rest are not :(

rsshttp://rss.cnn.com/rss/cnn_topstories.rss = RSS.Feed CNN-Top-Stories http://rss.cnn.com/rss/cnn_topstories.rss #hy71194,##srltrivia 30

rsshttp://zip.4chan.org/k/index.rss = RSS.Feed /k/-Feed http://zip.4chan.org/k/index.rss #/k/ 60

rsshttp://cgi.4chan.org/r/index.rss = RSS.Feed /r/-Feed http://cgi.4chan.org/r/index.rss #/r/ 30

rsshttp://orz.4chan.org/d/index.rss = RSS.Feed /d/-Feed http://orz.4chan.org/d/index.rss #/d/ 60

rsshttp://orz.4chan.org/e/index.rss = RSS.Feed /e/-Feed http://orz.4chan.org/e/index.rss #/e/ 60

rsshttp://zip.4chan.org/m/index.rss = RSS.Feed /m/-Feed http://zip.4chan.org/m/index.rss #/m/ 60

Must the feed delay be at 30? The less active RSS feeds are at 60.

Edit: Disregard that, I am a nub, the RSS feeds only update once a new THREAD is made, not a reply. It works nice with no dialog :)

hy71194 commented on a Page, RSSFeed Script  -  Apr 24, 2009

Yeah, I think that was it.

Also, are you SURE the delay is in seconds? I have it setup to 30 'seconds' in the dialog per RSS feed for a feed that is constantly updated every ~60 seconds, but it will only announce it every 30 MINUTES, for some reason.

Edit: No, that was not the problem. I edited it in, and it still makes some of my feeds blank in the dialog. I think it is because it does not seem to edit RSSFeed.hsh with the changed information.

Edit2: How can I remove the thing that forces the delay to me more 2 minutes? I want it to check the feed every 30 seconds. Also would be cool to be able to do an alias like /RSSUpdate and it will update and display all RSS feeds.

Edit3: I get "* /sockwrite: 'RSS' not connected (line 154, rss.mrc)" when I manually entered all my addresses into the RSSFeed.hsh file.
In case you were wondering, here is my setup of rssfeed.hsh file :
(If I remove the newline between the different feeds, it does nothing, but if I add the newline, I get the error, and it also does nothing).

!rss.status gives me this:

rsshttp://orz.4chan.org/e/index.rss = RSS.Feed /e/-Feed http://orz.4chan.org/e/index.rss #/e/ Next Check in 1153 Seconds
rsshttp://cgi.4chan.org/r/index.rss = RSS.Feed /r/-Feed http://cgi.4chan.org/r/index.rss #/r/ Next Check in 1146 Seconds
rsshttp://cgi.4chan.org/h/index.rss = RSS.Feed /h/-Feed http://cgi.4chan.org/h/index.rss #/h/ Next Check in 1093 Seconds
rsshttp://rss.cnn.com/rss/cnn_topstories.xml = RSS.Feed CNN-News http://rss.cnn.com/rss/cnn_topstories.xml #hy71194,##srltrivia Next Check in 901 Seconds
rss#/e/ = RSS.Feed http://cgi.4chan.org/r/index.rss #/e/ 30 Next Check in 894 Seconds

Why is it insisting on such huge delays?! I have it set at 30 seconds.

Is it possible for you to make just a simple script that will just read and announce updates to RSS feeds into my chan every 30 seconds? :>
All that extra, unneeded stuff like the dialog boxes make this script buggy :(

hy71194 commented on a Page, RSSFeed Script  -  Apr 22, 2009

Small bug I noticed..

When you go to edit the feed, it will not reload in all the boxes, like it should. It will just have the name still there. If you try to save without reentering the data, you get an error.

It might also be less confusing to remove the echo of RSS'd URLs, and make the .msg a msg, so the sender can see the sent line?

hy71194 commented on a Page, RSSFeed Script  -  Mar 31, 2009

Ok, it works now, sorry for the double posts :3 Nice work.

If an admin could erase the above 2 posts it would be nice, thanks.

hy71194 commented on a Page, RSSFeed Script  -  Mar 31, 2009

Heh, just posting with this feed added to see if it works now. :3

hy71194 commented on a Page, RSSFeed Script  -  Mar 31, 2009

It doesn't seem to like to work for me :< It just echos it to me it looks like.

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