Mar 18, 2009
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Code Snippets

blitzz created a Page  -  Apr 01, 2010

This is a simple long text/excess code detector. Added with the menu so it easily to change rather than open the remote.

blitzz created a Page  -  Jan 20, 2010
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Sometimes, when people reinstall their mirc, the aliases and popups will lost/disappear. And, sometimes the backups not working. So, i decided to make this little "snippet". I feel boring when peoples pm'd and paste my aliases and popups to them. So with this, it will be a bit easier to give them rather than open the aliases, popups then go to menubar,channel,nicklist etc. So just let them press ALT..

blitzz created a Page  -  Dec 12, 2009

This is a simple kick..What it does is, if you got kicked from channel for 3 times or more/less (depending what number you put) it will kick back the person who kick you. Mybe seems useless but useful for nick lol|ta^ayu at DALnet. She pm'd me asking if there is a script which can stop a kicker who kick her 3 or more in burst.

blitzz created a Page  -  Jul 18, 2009
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Here some simple kick counter for your bot..But you can use it by yourself..What this thing do is it will count every time someone getting kicked from the channel..

blitzz created a Page  -  Jun 28, 2009
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This is very simple command for bot. Actually i just post it coz i feel bored. This code as always for bot and for people to use the command. But i didn't add owner into it so everyone can use it and operator maybe can errr basting the bot. :)

blitzz created a Page  -  Jun 15, 2009

Simple bad ident kicker. It will kick someone who have bad ident. At least 5mins banned before the ban auto removed.

blitzz created a Page  -  Jun 04, 2009

TDate..Make sure your time and date in pc are up to date..This only shown in local.

blitzz created a Page  -  May 21, 2009

This is a simple badnick kicker. It will ban suspect at least 5mins before the ban auto removed.

blitzz created a Page  -  Apr 24, 2009

Ok , when someone call or say your nick , this thing will notice you even u are in other $chan .. 'also' the message that the $nick say will appear ..

blitzz created a Page  -  Apr 21, 2009

Just for fun..actually not really usefull but 'ok'..

blitzz created a Page  -  Mar 18, 2009

Here some basic for beginner.

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