Mar 18, 2009

mIRC Code Snippets

ES created a Page  -  Jan 20, 2014
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When it recognises a imgur link in the chat, it automatically posts info about that link if it's available.

ES created a Page  -  Oct 15, 2011
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Simple script that allows you to rehost images to imgur (a popular image service) Useful for places that don't allow hotlinking

ES created a Page  -  Jul 07, 2009

My first script where i experimented with writeini and readini Seemed to have worked out pretty well :D Pulls insults from If you have any improvements at all please post

ES created a Page  -  Jun 12, 2009

Boredom inspired along with me being very excited about hearing that Futurama (the series) is coming back \o/ i decided to make a Futuramam quotes script for a bot. I am very new to scripting so its a bit noobish :< but i tried ma best (actually, it took me a while to get it to give out random quotes and be able to select specific ones. But i got it thx to sum1 else's help) Its a bit long and better..

ES created a Page  -  Jun 03, 2009

Uses a simple !yomomma cmd to let a bot tell random Yo Momma jokes (262 in total) This is my first snippet tbh and i hope you like it ^_^

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