Mar 16, 2009

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Updated the code again to sort out the new Twitch /RAW CAP command that you have to send to the server in order for nicknames/usernames to appear in the channel. Thank you to Kin on GeekShed/IdleChat for your help. :)

I have updated the script again so now if you have a account, You can login to it via the Dialog. You need an oauth key as stated in the description I have provided the link as well. Hope it works ok for you guys.

@ovelayer The theme I use on my computer is my own creation. I haven't and probably won't release it. I'm just picky like that. lol

Updated the code a little so now you have the option of selecting whether you're using a ZNC/BNC connection and it'll connect you to that as well as the Oper capability that was added previously. :)


I will eventually get around to bringing out a larger update on it, Like the use of ZNC connection's and the ability to select whether it's a ZNC or not in the dialog, And setting it up so you can input your Username/Network and Password into it. :)


Updated a little bit, I made it Auto Identify with Atheme Services as well as Anope.

GrimReaper created a Page  -  Jan 25, 2014

So it's been a while since I posted anything, And this morning I had the idea to make a Binary/Text convertor..

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GrimReaper created a Page  -  May 15, 2013
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So, I was thinking earlier today, I haven't written a proper mIRC script in a while.. So I decided to restart using my mIRC bot to which I will code again from scratch.

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GrimReaper created a Page  -  Mar 07, 2013

When I started making eggdrop bots, I noticed that when there was a Services Split, When they came back the Eggdrop would continually change nicknames, So I decided to make an AutoIdentify script for it.

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GrimReaper   -  Mar 05, 2013

So over the time that I have had this new laptop.. I went from having 1GB of RAM, To 364MB as I forgot to ask for my RAM stick back.. But this morning I had a delivery of 2x2GB RAM sticks.. :) So everything is running smoothly and now I can work on updating old codes and what not.. Maybe even work with a friend to make rad codes. :)

GrimReaper created a Page  -  Feb 14, 2013
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This code started as one I had found, The only command that it had was /np which would show the current song in Rhythmbox into xchat.

GrimReaper commented on a Page, !whois for eggdrop  -  Feb 10, 2013

Looks like an awesome piece of code @FordLawnmower I never got used to using RAW with TCL. Great work. :)

GrimReaper   -  Feb 09, 2013

Hey guys, I am trying to get an RSS script for eggdrop working with Google Code's RSS, Has anyone been able to get it working at all? If you have, Could you let me know how to done it as I am confused by how it works, I set all the information I need in the tcl script yet it refuses to relay any updates.

GrimReaper   -  Feb 07, 2013

Hey guys, As many of you may or may not know.. I have been without a laptop for the last 4 months.. and been living off my phone.. But thanks to a friend of mine. I now have a laptop, So I will start updating codes and creating new codes soon. :)

GrimReaper   -  Nov 16, 2012

Decided to update my Windows 7 theme.. not sure about it.. Just thought I'd share with you guys, Link to view the theme is:

GrimReaper commented on a Page, TCL Xbox Live GamerTag Status & Gamerscore  -  Nov 12, 2012

I am currently working on an update to this, as now uses SSL to connect and I am not sure how to do that in TCL, So using a completely different site.

GrimReaper commented on a Page, Twitter Latest Bot Script  -  Oct 30, 2012

@imperialturkey Your comment wasn't really needed, I haven't updated this code because I don't have the time to. If you want to post something like that. Post it on your own profile, Not on someone else's code snippet.

GrimReaper commented on a Page, Website Advisor for Eggdrop  -  Jun 05, 2012

I have the RSS going in a bot channel on GeekShed. So I see all post's and comment's straight away. :)

GrimReaper commented on a Page, Website Advisor for Eggdrop  -  Jun 05, 2012

I saw you using the mIRC version of this before, Such an amazing script and I will definately be adding it to my eggdrop bot. :D

GrimReaper commented on a Page, RottenTomato tcl for eggdrop  -  Jun 03, 2012

Very nice work again @FordLawnmower exceptional work as usual. :) keep up the great work!!

GrimReaper commented on a Page, Facebook Updater for mIRC  -  Jun 03, 2012

@frederik I will have a look into changing it for you, But I'm unsure if it still works.. But will see what I come up with for you. :)

GrimReaper commented on a Page, TCL Xbox Live GamerTag Status & Gamerscore  -  May 31, 2012

@iDLE When you loaded the script into your eggdrop how did you do it? Because if you pasted it in PuTTY without it being maximized then it would word wrap the code meaning there will be misplaced information. I would suggest using some sort of FTP program and pasting the code that way, Or maximizing PuTTY before pasting it.

GrimReaper   -  May 01, 2012

Great job on the layout @Hawkee Looks totally awesome :)

GrimReaper commented on a Page, Xbox Live Gamer-Tag Look-Up Socket  -  Apr 18, 2012

@Jethro I tried that with my TCL code, the way that the PSN has it setup, There is no definative way to get that information, I will have another look tho and if I see a way, I will show Napa. :)

GrimReaper commented on a Page, !topic  -  Mar 22, 2012

Best thing to do in the case of multiple nick is to use:

if ($istok(Pangaea|Pantest3,$nick,124)) {

The | is the seperation character, In this case I use $chr(124) hence the 124 at the end, You can use any other seperation character that isn't a comma/$chr(44)

GrimReaper commented on a Page, !topic  -  Mar 22, 2012

@Pangaea add another = so it looks like if ($nick == Pangaea) { as the = on it's own doesn't work within if statements afaik. I know they do in temp variables. :)

GrimReaper   -  Mar 21, 2012

@Hawkee The status update's looks good.. You've done a good job with them. :)

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