Jan 22, 2005

mIRC Code Snippets

chaplja created a Page  -  Jul 20, 2005

I made this to make ppl easier to make power or similiar scripts. Everything you need is a simple identifer $c_stats on which you add various parameters or properties and insert it into your code. Script is using $comchan to calculate total channels you are on because some users have enabled 'Keep channels open' in mIRC options and when u get kicked, channel is still open and would be counted in $chan(0) I..

chaplja created a Page  -  May 28, 2005

Well, this is my first script where I used /write and $read commands. That was pain in the ass when I started learning them :P Script is made for QuakeNet users that have more than 1 accounts and would like to sort them out :)

chaplja created a Page  -  Apr 01, 2005

This is my first public script and yes, I KNOW, code is pretty bad but that's how every1 of you started with this. Any suggestions / recomendations are welcome ! If u have any questions, visit #reality-squared on Quakenet and msg me ( chaplja )

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