Feb 08, 2009

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xero_art commented on a Page, asl asker  -  Oct 14, 2009

a) the code itself doesn't meet 100 char minimum
b) i assume that you did make the blackvenom irc theme so i know u're not new or just a poor coder
c) this would be just as unuseful but 20x better if it remembered who had been asked and didn't ask them each time they entered....

xero_art commented on a Page, !BroCode bot script  -  Jun 02, 2009


j/k...i know where u're coming from though, don't let it get u down,msl is pretty easy to learn...just keep at it...


xero_art created a Page  -  May 22, 2009

Ok, so this just gives a hint as to what a url someone posts does. You can make it personal use or have it msg the chan. I'm working on getting it to work on tinyurls and other compressed addresses....not sure why it doesn't so any help in that department would be much appreciated. I'm thinking to use a separate socket for specific tinyurls

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xero_art commented on a Page, Ownd!  -  May 04, 2009

it depletes for me...

also, i added a hall of fame....

xero_art commented on a Page, Ownd!  -  Apr 24, 2009

yeah, thats already in there
you can work around the math too but you want to make sure it isn't too exploitable

xero_art commented on a Page, Ownd!  -  Apr 24, 2009

ok, it now has a fresh new PC smell... As an african-american, i realize that taking pc too far only hurts any movement to an equal society. In other words, if the words, slave-trade, offend you, you're pbb racist...

that said, any particular reason i get a 3. I know its not the best script but is it really that god-awful?

xero_art commented on a Page, Ownd!  -  Apr 23, 2009

any particular reason you gave it a 3?

as for the name...I'm not sure what is so offensive about the name slave trade...thats what it is. You get to buy your friends on a channel...Its a lot like something on facebook someone told me(though I dunno what this thing is).

xero_art created a Page  -  Apr 23, 2009
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So, for just a laid-back chan you can have people !pd to earn money every 12 hours and then buy and sell other participants. Its not the most eloquent script but its fairly fun.

xero_art commented on a Page, For Fun   -  Apr 22, 2009

you forgot y...the typo thing is a good idea though, i like it

xero_art commented on a Page, Artificial Intelligence  -  Apr 21, 2009

there a way to reset the conversation?

xero_art commented on a Page, The IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase) Searcher  -  Mar 31, 2009

gr8 script...I'd suggest adding a tinyurl link to the site but I can just do that myself...still, I give it a 10 for sheer coding...

xero_art commented on a Page, Best AutoJoin Script Ever  -  Mar 31, 2009

does it join if u're kicked and such? will test...looks gr8

xero_art commented on a Page, Get the F out  -  Mar 30, 2009

I don't like txt files unless its alot...its easier for me to add and edited them...same reason I prefer not to use tokens

xero_art created a Page  -  Mar 30, 2009

someone gave me a WB script(this part is the menu) on irc and I created this...if the wb was someone on here's I'll be glad to give credit...its another simple random script that can be fun...gtfo is my response to stupid spammy wb's

xero_art liked a Page, Dictionary Script v1.0 [ XCDictionary ]  -  Mar 07, 2009
xero_art created a Page  -  Feb 08, 2009

this is my first script....before I new how to use notes but its pretty simple but fun...also, fairly random...very noobish

xero_art commented on a Page, Bible Passage For Bot  -  Feb 08, 2009

thx...though I'll have to edit out the color coding

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