Feb 06, 2009

Code Snippets

Kirbeh_Pr0nz created a Page  -  Jun 10, 2009
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Simple (v)Host retriever in dialog form. i made the dialog, PunkTuReD coded everything else, cuz im kinda newbish still at that part. put in remotes. enjoi

Kirbeh_Pr0nz created a Page  -  May 21, 2009

A popup i made of channel mode letters. I was bored and had nothing else left to do. halfway through it i kinda got lazy on the coding. soooo, yea. ;p

Kirbeh_Pr0nz created a Page  -  May 19, 2009
Kirbeh_Pr0nz created a Page  -  May 11, 2009
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!calc does the trick, works for users and yourself.

Kirbeh_Pr0nz created a Page  -  Apr 29, 2009

This is just an age detecting alias. where it says year/month/day enter your own birthday. (ex. 2009/04/29) then in a channel or query, type /age and WAHPAO!

Kirbeh_Pr0nz created a Page  -  Apr 15, 2009

I know there are already thousands just like it, but i wanted to make it myself :3 Paste into your Status Popups, or...anywhere u want...just as long as it's in the popups section :3I made this strictly for rizon servers. => Updated 04/22/09 Added About feature

Kirbeh_Pr0nz created a Page  -  Feb 26, 2009

Better control over who is able to control your Bot

Kirbeh_Pr0nz created a Page  -  Feb 26, 2009

I didnt make this, I just found that it is pretty cool And you might wanna paste it into your Notepad and save it as a .txt to put it in ur mirc directory ( //run $mircdir ) and then load it to your Remotes section. If there is an easier way to do that, go ahead. I'm a noob at this stuff. ;_; -How To Use- /mt Try using only short words. :P

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