Jan 13, 2009

Activity Stream

rikkeh commented on a Page, Chat Socket Client  -  Aug 21, 2009

Have any of you connected to the ip thats already on it, that would be what im working on with it right now. and the "on *:sockopen:parser:sockwrite -n parser CONNECTED $me $time $server "

Isn't needed because It sends that to the server and lets everyone know who connected.

Oh and why use $Server ?

rikkeh created a Page  -  Aug 19, 2009
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I didn't make the client, but ive been working on the server side part for a while, So far I have registering nicks, /oper ID PASS, /gline and /kill and all fully work.

rikkeh created a Page  -  Jan 20, 2009

This was my First socket I made for my new site I purchased...

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