Jan 04, 2009

mIRC Code Snippets

ReFuSeR created a Page  -  Mar 09, 2009
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(The 2007 copyright was a small typo... I fixed it in the script)

ReFuSeR created a Page  -  Mar 04, 2009

Post it in your remotes... Type /smile (channel). The channel you type it in gets a big smile from you. Enjoy!

ReFuSeR created a Page  -  Feb 02, 2009

This is my second release... My first release was not to good but this one is better.

ReFuSeR created a Page  -  Jan 05, 2009

Well basically I made this script because one day someone came into my chat. He has been a great user for 3 days so I assigned him SOP. I went to sleep and when I woke up I was banned from my own channel. I had to wait till one of my IRC admins signed in to unban me that that took a few hours. So I made this script that I like to call "The Untouchable/Unbanable Script."

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