Dec 26, 2008
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Cold_Fussion   -  Oct 21, 2013

Hey all....
i made a game bot, tempted to upload my code here to share the bot. i will paste the output under this to show u what the bot is all about...

i need to do some recoding to make it public but here is a sneak preview....

[01:27:43] <vixxie> !w lice
[01:27:44] <WORDS> Word Accepted: Lice -> A weird bug thingy that can lay eggs in your hair.
[01:27:44] <WORDS> Your turn: Hyperion Lives left: 3
[01:27:46] <Hyperion> nice
[01:27:50] <Hyperion> !w lace
[01:27:51] <WORDS> Word Accepted: Lace -> to add something such as ecstacy to a drug like marijuana
[01:27:52] <WORDS> Your turn: vixxie Lives left: 2
[01:28:01] <vixxie> !w mace
[01:28:02] <WORDS> Word Accepted: Mace -> a substance which is sprayed at the intruder to burn his/her eyes
[01:28:02] <WORDS> Your turn: Hyperion Lives left: 3
[01:28:30] <Hyperion> !w mioce
[01:28:34] <WORDS> Word Declined: mioce
[01:28:34] <WORDS> Lives left: Hyperion has 2 lives left...
[01:28:34] <WORDS> Word: mace Letter Changes: 1
[01:28:41] <Hyperion> !w mice
[01:28:43] <WORDS> Word Accepted: Mice -> The protrusion into our dimension of a vastly hyperintelligent pandimensional being. The mice run the Earth, and it was they who paid for the Magratheans to build it.
[01:28:43] <WORDS> Your turn: vixxie Lives left: 2
[01:28:58] <vixxie> !w lice
[01:28:59] <WORDS> Already used: vixxie used it 1min 15secs ago
[01:28:59] <WORDS> Lives left: vixxie has 1 lives left...
[01:28:59] <WORDS> Word: mice Letter Changes: 1

so basically when u start the game u choose how many letters u want in the starting word...
it will stay the same length throughout the game. the bot will then choose a word at random and then a player to go 1st.
if the chosen word is: DICE <- to go as an example with the above quoted text, u may only change one letter and keep the order of the remaining letters.... so DICE becomes LICE, the bot will then check Urban dictionary to see if it is valid. and then give the description of the word or example of what it means.
each word may only be used once per game and so on.

well let me know if i should upload it... i have spent many many many hours coding this bot all because a few friends and i used to play this game without a bot and i decided to make the bot to keep track of everything. then it was born, and alot of people actually like and play the game....

there are many different ways u can play the game and u can set game admin and there is also a mode where u have to type as many words as u can (4 letter words if u chose 4) and u can also play it solo or with as many ppl as u want.

Cold_Fussion   -  Sep 25, 2013

mirc v7.1 with windows 7 theme.... if u want the theme... let me know...

ill give u direct link to it from my site

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