Jan 08, 2005

mIRC Code Snippets

brottor created a Page  -  Aug 24, 2007

Well i made a huge script to host "runs" for a game...and put it on a bot...and looked for a basic bot in the snippet section and couldn't find it. so i spent 5 minutes, here she is:

brottor created a Page  -  Sep 23, 2005

Copy paste into remotes. Then you can '!google what you are searching for here', and it will /run the search page (already searched). You can input the !google command in a channel or a query and it wont msg chan or query. Also any person can '!google what they are searching for here', and it will /notice the person the search page (already searched!).

brottor created a Page  -  Sep 07, 2005

Thx to tank59 and ImThePariah for helping out with code in scripting section. This is pretty much so i know how to change popups like in the code...if u know what i mean its hard to describe...but it makes people your minions and deletes them too. It serves no real purpose but i'll keep it in my remotes just to learn off it.

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brottor created a Page  -  Aug 25, 2005

This snippet will pop up anytime you are kicked. Or you can select it from any menu. It is a dialog that will set %kickchan and %kicknick when someone is kicked in any channel. It has various options, including an away system and a shitlist. When you open the snippet for the first time it will prompt you if you want it to create a readme file using /write. If you hit Ok then it will prompt you if you..

brottor created a Page  -  Jul 19, 2005

this is, obv, an away script. right click screen > awaystuff > go away or comeback. it works on highlight of your name on a chan or in any pm every 100 secs. i thought hawkee needed a good away script. copy/paste into remotes

brottor created a Page  -  Apr 19, 2005

this is to help out silverwolf :D /set %mynick YOURNICKHERE and /msg botnickhere !join chan /msg botnickhere !part chan

brottor created a Page  -  Mar 26, 2005

this is a pretty simple vote script and easy to change for whatever the purpose might be just chnge the #vote chan to your channel and the if $$2 = whatever to whatever you want it to be and change the msg $chan number of votes for - to something else...u dont have to change teh vars and it will work

brottor created a Page  -  Feb 22, 2005

um the top one is for when somebody slaps you with a trout it slaps them with an 'idiot stick' and counts the # of ppl slapped | the second is for anything non-trout related but still slaps it will copy there text and send it back at them (note make sure trout one is on top or the other one will take effect instead of trout)

brottor created a Page  -  Feb 22, 2005

when you are deopped on a channel this script will kick the user who deopped you op you again and deop the user if the kick didnt work if ur access is at a certain value and stuff the script is for mirc remotes and uses chanserv

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brottor created a Page  -  Feb 22, 2005

this is for mirc remotes when you get kicked it will automatically kick who kicked you unban you and join the chan for you provided you have access and chanserv is on ur server

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