Dec 03, 2008
making new friends and learning php scripting

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Eurynome commented on a Page, oobi's bot 1.3  -  May 29, 2009

oobi... I

Eurynome commented on a Page, On Join  -  Apr 22, 2009

Dude wasn't that an example script in the mIRC help files. lol
could make it more funnier by adding kick feature,you know, on join nick is kicked on/off.

Eurynome commented on a Page, mIRC Channel Protection Bot  -  Apr 22, 2009

I used &&($chan==%chan1) to lock out others for making the bot flood the room with commands.Plus I haven't used it in any other rooms i'm OPed in because in the past the other room OP's would do the same thing,flooding with commands.The lock was meant to be a temp thing for my rooms safety.I was just stating some of the things I have done to the script to make it more suitable for me.Don't worry, I wont chop it up and try posting anything out of it as my script.When I customize something for myself, I am the only user.In the future if your said script is added on to even more with success and no bugs I could email you the changes made and you could do whatever you like with it.It,s a good bot starter script.I was also thing of adding so IP tracking scripts for those pesky FLYBYS.Something along the line of accually tracking an IP to another channel and echo back the nick if changed and the channel joined.

All in all I still liked it,so far i haven't come across any bugs in the script. :)

Eurynome commented on a Page, mIRC Channel Protection Bot  -  Apr 19, 2009

I like this bot script,it works fine for my rooms.I did have problems with it remembering
settings,so i added a modes manager script to the bot and also wanted total control over
all the triggers,so i added && ($chan == %chan1) to all of the triggers after I originally set everything as described in your directions prior.I was thinking about adding ( levels ) also for specific access for my room OP's.

But,it is a great script for helping keep order in a room. I rate it a 9/10... Good job.

Eurynome   -  Dec 27, 2008

Was wondering if it is possible to make a root directory file in a chat room? If so how?

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