Oct 12, 2008

mIRC Code Snippets

DaDealer created a Page  -  Dec 13, 2008

Ok not all of my op's and hop's use mIRC so they didnt have a /omsg or /msg @%&#chan...Plus its fun to have a bot that they can make talk like a /bs say command. so this is designed for a mIRC bot in your #. This will also close all pm's after it looks for the commands, So if you like to keep the PM window open or get them from people wanting to chat then take out the last line of code "Closemsg..

DaDealer created a Page  -  Nov 25, 2008

Ok this will make it so you wont join someone's invite unless they are in your #.

DaDealer created a Page  -  Nov 23, 2008

Ok I did not make these topics someone else did, and I dont remmber who. But they had them set up where only you could change the topic, I made it so you can place them in a bot and any OP can use them to change the topic. you can use a number from(1-29) for diffrent styles

DaDealer created a Page  -  Nov 23, 2008

Ok this is a modified code from: CodeProphet - I love his window for notices, but I wanted it to log when people were kicked or banned with the times, dates, and # so I could easily find it in the logs if someone had a complaint about why they were kicked/banned.

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DaDealer created a Page  -  Nov 01, 2008

Nothing big just makes it so you can add people to a list and they wont get a notice on join, But all other people will. Good for a long welcome message you and your op's dont wana see everytime they join!

DaDealer created a Page  -  Oct 25, 2008

Ok this is a Permanent Ban Snippet for a OPed Bot. Any # OP can type: !bpan And this will add the persons hostmask to the banned list, even if your # banned list is cleared when this person joins the # it will kick/ban him again.

DaDealer created a Page  -  Oct 12, 2008
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Ok I saw someone had a "Point System" on here, well I didnt like it (sorry). It didnt have any type of promotions. So this code Is setup for a irc that has Op and Hop. at 3 points the person gets a voice. At 10 points (if given by a OP not a Hop) the person gets Hop. If they get demoted below that score they lose the promotion.....Most people dont need this type of thing but our # runs 24/7 with at..

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