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ProIcons   -  Sep 10, 2015

I Was searching for a Solution in order to Design a C# .NET Desktop Application with the features HTML JavaScript and CSS gives you. I was thinking the only way to do that was to Embedd Internet Control from Internet Explorer but i was wrong.

I discovered CEF(Sharp). Chromium Embedded Framework. With this Framework you are able to Manipulate every aspect of Chromium Browser and make a Fine desktop application with many custom controls, custom styling, transitions, animations and even webgl. That's awesome. You can also interact with Javascript functions, and javascript functions interact with you back. I mean a C# function call and get data from a Javascript Function and vice versa.

Is anyone familiar with CEF?

ProIcons   -  Sep 08, 2015

Lately i thought of buying a Raspberry Pi to expirement and be able to create some sort of devices. At first im thinking to buy a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Board, with a Camera and Some Motors. Has anyone tried raspberry ?

ProIcons   -  Oct 28, 2014

@Hawkee How can i add a New Line exactly under the previous, and not with one empty line space? I mean i never liked this markdown thing, but at least it supposed to have some basic features...

ProIcons   -  Sep 12, 2014

@Hawkee it would be cool on your Code Highlighting Engine to add Links of Internal Language's Functions directly to Language's Docs

ProIcons   -  Apr 06, 2014

TheMovieDB decided to add my mSL TMDb Wrapper, into their official Wrapper List.
Thats nice:

ProIcons   -  Apr 05, 2014

@Hawkee Uploading through Mobile is not possible cause button is not opening file manager of android on Google Chrome

ProIcons   -  Apr 03, 2014

TMDb GUI Updated to Version 1.1.0. You can now change the font of the displayed Results

ProIcons   -  Feb 01, 2014

TheMovieDB Wrapper At Last Published , Have fun

ProIcons   -  Jan 30, 2014

@Hawkee seems like some "Bots" are Liking my Simple Calculator Project? What is going on?

ProIcons   -  Dec 10, 2013

@Hawkee Footer Links are not accessible at the end of the page, while viewing a snippet/project

ProIcons   -  Nov 18, 2013

For some reason @Hawkee when i post an app, it redirects me into your hardware area, and my post is not getting posted:P
Ideas why?

ProIcons   -  Nov 17, 2013

Past Month in Nutshell

while(1) {
   if (coffeCup == empty) {
ProIcons   -  Jul 04, 2013

Bug #1: Opening links through email, when you are not logged in in hawkee, have as result to get redirected in a NULL Page. Obviously something is not handled in login.php ...
Edit: Solution: Problem Seems to be in the link, it should have before the login.php the phpBB2

Bug #2: Savebox seems to be vanished. After saving a message , it is redirecting you to Savebox that is a null page...
Edit: Solution: Problem Seems to be in the link, it should have before the privmsg.php the phpBB2/privmsg.php.

Bug #3: Outbox/Inbox seems to be vanished. After Typing no in the confirmation of deleting a message redirects you to a null page...
Edit: Solution: Problem Seems to be in the link, it should have before the privmsg.php the phpBB2/privmsg.php.

Bug #4: In the Projects Tab on Profile Page, Secondary navigation menu that contains "All,Threads,Projects,Code snippets" is getting dissapeared.

It seems that 404 page is missing, [paradox] So we get in an absolute infinite loop displaying 404 page for a missing page displaying also 404 page of 404 page that is missing and go on. Then a black hole opens, and erase everything. so We got this White Screen.

Your Welcome..

ProIcons   -  Jun 23, 2013

@Hawkee i don't know if i mentioned this before, i'm interesting to create an Inbox Function on my Site, like Facebook Style. Conversation Style. At first i thought that i must have 1 database Inbox, with columns: message_id , sender_id , recipient_id , is_message_read(bool), read_date , message_content , date_in_unix_time_message_sent
and to process these first with A SQL Query with "LIMIT" for example the 20 first messages... Filtered by date_in_unix_time_message_sent...
But then i faced a dificulty. How i was supposed to get a number of users sent message with LIMIT without getting the messages of the 1 of the conversation. I mean Lets say i messaged with a user last time 20 messages, and if i want to take for example Messages with the Last 20 users... how i was supposed to take that data, I had to parse with this table ALL The SQL Table [damn a lot of process time] and then with loops to group them.
So have you any idea how to achieve this?

ProIcons   -  Jun 23, 2013

Noone seems interested about the new $json_utf8 :P

ProIcons   -  Jun 22, 2013

TMDb Wrapper on its way to hawkee

ProIcons   -  Jun 22, 2013

@Hawkee i have noticed that when you post a snippet that in the description contains some UTF8 text, in other languages Like, Οι Εκδικητές or even this: הנוקמים
and you are trying to edit, It gets double utf8 decoded so it lost its format...

ProIcons   -  Mar 18, 2013

So i made for my site a New Notification system.. And i just wanted to hear your thoughts.
My Notification system is Based on PHP and AJAX. Almost everything is working with AJAX...
Its also using the Scroll Append - Infinite / Endless Scroll of @Hawkee modified to .001-Alpha (My Update) [ you can find it at the snippets i have posted]

Video can be located here: with the sneak peak. Unfortunately project is not yet on the net. Its on local Servers. So i can't provide for you a working link with the Live Project.

ProIcons   -  Mar 12, 2013

@Hawkee at the Post Snippet function u can add unlimited descriptions, but you can't remove them.

ProIcons   -  Feb 07, 2013

So i have My Gaming Community and i developed a new C++ add-on for my Servers that it will capture FULL details for each player for each game he plays.. The Basic concept of my project is:
1 Gather System , that gathers 10 random players and short them based on their skill points calculated in ELO Rating System ( ) Originally Founded by Arpad ELO ( ) and separate them into 2 Teams... (the users must be registered in my system in order to play) ... So this project send them IP Addresses of one of my game servers. My Projects with this add-on is able to manage this game and save full statistics. The match ends when a team reaches 16 win rounds, or both teams are in 15 rounds that is basically a "Draw"... So during the game this system gathers all the data for example...

Kills, Deaths , HeadShots , Team Kills (When a player kills his teammate) , Overall Damage Made to Enemies, Overall Damage made to his team , (+ hitplaces that made this damage (chest,head,arms,knees...) ), Overall damage taken from enemies, overall damage taken from allies, Bomb Plants, Bomb Defuses attempts, Bomb defusing Cancels, Bomb defuse attemps having a defusal kit, bomb defuse attempts not having a defusal kit , bomb explodes ,hostages killed, hostages attempted to rescue , hostages stole from ally , hostages got stolen by ally , hostages rescued ,

All these stats except (Bomb Events,Hostages Events) for Each gun approx 15 guns...

And all THESE stats without exception for each round :P (with each gun :P)

So i would need A LOT MySQL Tables for all these stats or a lot columns... So i though about building it with JSON Something like this: (it is incomplete and have missing fields because i made it so fast )

So what are your thoughts , shall i build it with many mysql tables? or add one "stats" column with LONGTEXT into my MySQL and retrieve them from there.. ?

ProIcons   -  Jan 25, 2013

Help :D
I disconnected my computer at 15:00 GTM +2 from power, also i unplugged each cord was connected to it, and i left it standalone in a corner of my house, so now after 8 hours i tried to reconnect it, so I plugged every cord and power source, my MotherBoard's buttons [Power + Reset] started to glowing, and i tried to start my computer from the case's buttons. So nothing happend. Nothing at all ... So i pressed again the button. Again... Nothing. So i unplugged every cord and i let only power cord plugged. tried again Still nothing. So i changed the power source and my power cable, and this time i tried to power him on by mobo's button Nothing again... So i observed that mobo's button was flickering. Thats odd ... So i disconnected also my GPU again nothing happend. I Reseted my bios, again nothing happend. I tried by pressing 932482394 times power button nothing happend, i removed and plugged the cord oo times... Nothing happend again...

So i got this issue once again in the past... It wasn't starting at all and when i tried after 8-9 hours, it just started and displayed an error message on my startup screen " Overclock Failed " i was like... WTF? but anyway it was starting like a charm after this... So whats the problem here, PSU, MOBO, CPU ? or what? I'm realy confused dunno what to do... At this moment, its only with the power source cable plluged, switched off from PSU without GPU inside only with my Intel Core i5 2500k on my Asus P8Z68 Deluxe with A70 Corsair Cooler and 4x Rams, 2x2GB, 2x4 GB...and also my 5 Drives [1xSSD 70 GB,1xHDD 2TB,3xHDD 1TB) and ofcourse:P
CD Drive, Card Reader front case panel and rear case fans

ProIcons   -  Jan 25, 2013

So i was searching about DataTables For Bootstrap ( ) and i ended up that they load Data From Json string. The think is that i have more than 5303 Entries... :/ So in order to load this table it will take a lot of time... So any ideas world?


ProIcons   -  Jan 25, 2013

@Hawkee Take a Look on that, you can fix this bug by applying the code with a callback function of the scroll down..

ProIcons   -  Jan 23, 2013

Edited: [Solved]

.popover-content {
    max-height: 300px;
    overflow-y: auto;


So I was wondering... I'm using Twitter's Bootstrap for my Project and I made a small notification Popover / Clickover ( feature. I was wondering how I can manage to make it on a static height with a custom scroll bar in it...

My basic Concept of creating this popover/clickover is:

    $(function () {
        $("[rel='tooltip']").tooltip({container: 'body'});
        ,onShown: function () {$("#notices").tooltip("destroy");},
        onHidden: function () {$("#notices").tooltip({container:'.navbar'});},
        template: '\
            <div class="popover notices">\
                <div class="arrow"></div>\
                <div class="popover-inner">\
                    <div class="popover-header">\
                        <h3 class="popover-title"></h3>\
                        <h3 class="popover-settings"><a href="/notifications.php?act=settings">Settings</a></h3>\
                    <div class="popover-content">\
                    <h3 class="popover-footer"><center><a href="/notifications.php">See All</a></center></h3>\



<div id='userbar' class='btn-group input-prepend input-append'>
        <button class='btn'></button>
        <button class='btn'></button>
        <button class='btn'></button>
        <button class='btn'></button>
        <button class='btn'></button>
        <button class='btn'></button>
        <button class='btn'></button>
        <button id='notices' class='btn' rel='tooltip' data-placement='bottom' data-original-title='Notifications'> <i class='icon-exclamation-sign icon-large'> <span class='badge badge-important'>102</span></i></button>

So I made a post on JSFiddle about that. I have not included bootstrap directives from bootstrap's site but I have posted the code in the Javascript Section because tooltips are a bit modified. So may be a lot of code lines, though my main code is at the end...

The link is:

The button with the Popover is the "Exclamation mark"

And like I said I want to Apply to it a custom height and a scrollable bar to be there for more content... Thank you in advance...

ProIcons   -  Jan 21, 2013

@Hawkee the Number of Notifications on top of the Exclamation mark how are called? I mean i can't find how to accomplish that. I'm trying to create a notif system for my Gaming Servers Interface... but i don't know how to accomplish it , any ideas? I'm using bootstrap with

ProIcons   -  Jan 15, 2013

@Hawkee except the Font Awsome 3, Is there any other Awsome Icon Set ? do you know anyone, or how exactly can i search for them?

ProIcons   -  Jan 01, 2013

Happy New Year to all of you :DDD

ProIcons   -  Dec 27, 2012

A good guy needed to create a DLL for mIRC, that it should ENCODE and DECODE a JSON Hash.
Wanted procedures are:

Example i have: {"name":"lolmg","ip":"123"} "something"=>"asd"
ADDCELL MORE DEEP -> {"name":"lolmg","ip":"123"} "names" "something"=>"asd"


EDITCELL: -> {"name":"lolmg","ip":"123"} "ip"=>""

REMOVECELL -> {"name":"lolmg","ip":"123"} "ip"

GETCELL -> {"name":"lolmg","ip":"123"} "name"
name = lolmg

Thx in advance^^

ProIcons   -  Dec 24, 2012

@Hawkee My Profile is a bit messy :D Check this out.

ProIcons   -  Dec 03, 2012

@Hawkee i'm not sure but i can't find anywhere "Post Script" Only Snippet.

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