Sep 26, 2008

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informaticar created a Page  -  Oct 26, 2008

I just finished with my quiz on macedonian language. Computer ask you "what is capital of ...?" and you need to answer on this question. If you have 3 incorrect answer, the game is over and you lose. For now its on macedonian, I'll translate it on English tomorrow.

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informaticar created a Page  -  Oct 18, 2008

Program for square root calculating

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informaticar commented on a Page, Addition ( c = a + b & c = a * b)  -  Oct 04, 2008

what fast writing do :)

informaticar   -  Sep 28, 2008

@guest598594 man can you give me link to download the script which you are using.

informaticar created a Page  -  Sep 28, 2008
informaticar created a Page  -  Sep 27, 2008

To work with console in C++, you must launch the iostream.h library To Import data you are using cin, and for print you are using cout

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