Dec 11, 2004
United Kingdom

Code Snippets

Lucifer1 created a Page  -  Jul 15, 2005

This finds someones address and records it in an ini file. Once i get it fully running im adding another command to type sumthin else and see all the current addresses u have saved

Lucifer1 created a Page  -  Jul 06, 2005

This is an AUTO-AUTO-KICK for use on a chat with chanserv. To add an AAKICK just type: !aakick

Lucifer1 created a Page  -  Jun 26, 2005

This music Player can Play the following types of files:

Lucifer1 created a Page  -  Jun 04, 2005

This one is for Chat IRCops or Admins... Also correct me if i made a mistake in righting the commands

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Lucifer1 created a Page  -  May 31, 2005

This is a script that should be used on a Chatserver with ChanServ. It lets you Rightclick a name and go to Rulebreakers and select something. Also its best if the server has Botserv and have a bot Assigned to the channel your in..... ____ To add this script do these:

Lucifer1 created a Page  -  Jan 15, 2005

Sum1 types !songlist in the channel and the bot immediately says the songs u put :D

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