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mIRC Code Snippets

MaSOuD created a Page  -  Jun 18, 2010

By this snippet you can list/index a specific path with specific extension(s) to a text file. (Indexing duration depends on amount of folders/files you have and your PC speed.)

MaSOuD created a Page  -  Oct 31, 2009

This is a very simple addon, by this addon You can change Your Nicklist Colors and make it to your own style. For Example: You want to see the OP Nicks in a special color and such... Options for: ~Owner, &Protect/Sop, @Op, %Hop, +Voice, Notify, Ignore, Idle, Normal, Self-nick.

MaSOuD created a Page  -  Aug 21, 2009
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By using this addon you can read your log files almost exactly like a real chat/channel window with colors. (If you haven't checked the 'Strip codes' in mIRC options) Beside this, you can search for filenames in your log directory OR search for a 'Search key' in entire log files!

MaSOuD created a Page  -  Feb 03, 2009
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This is a simple addon to show Bans/Excepts/Invites list and other modes on a channel like the default mIRC Channel Central but with a better interface and more features.

MaSOuD created a Page  -  Jan 08, 2009

You can control the Winamp from your mIRC Toolbar. In Settings there's an Announcer option, it's up to you whether use it or not.

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