Aug 25, 2008
Southern California
Lily, Xbox Live, Linux, mIRC

mIRC Code Snippets

napalm` created a Page  -  Feb 10, 2009

This snippet slaps a user with anything but a large trout.

napalm` created a Page  -  Oct 12, 2008

Product of boredom.

napalm` created a Page  -  Oct 04, 2008

This are hack anyone talks in channel.

napalm` created a Page  -  Sep 21, 2008
2 535 

This alias will return the amount of channels you are on and the amount of users in those channels across multiple servers.

napalm` created a Page  -  Sep 03, 2008
1 836 

This is the gayness. I hate you Numuruzero, you beat me in our race to post flamer text! :@@@@

napalm` created a Page  -  Sep 01, 2008
1 458 

This is for EL being a pushy little bugger.

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