Aug 23, 2008
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Code Snippets

Kirby created a Page  -  Jul 24, 2009

I haven't scripted anything in a while, so I decided to make something simple with some regex, also so that I don't lose my familiarity with mIRC scripting.

Kirby created a Page  -  Jun 03, 2009

Just a small alias for downloading YouTube videos, whipped in about half an hour.

Kirby created a Page  -  May 19, 2009

Hey guys. I haven't posted a snippet in a while, so here's one! For a while I've been working with sockets and dialogs, and more recently, regular expressions; but this one has been very interesting for me.

Kirby created a Page  -  May 07, 2009

Just a small socket bot script I whipped up, mainly focusing on more regex and some hash tables. This script just gets a random memorable quote from one of the four pages on IMDb.

Kirby created a Page  -  May 02, 2009

I know, I know, you've seen millions of Google Translators out there... :|

Kirby created a Page  -  Apr 10, 2009

Another example of the power of binaries and hashes to produce image downloading, however slightly modified.

Kirby created a Page  -  Apr 08, 2009

I used to play a game called MapleStory. It's kinda a mix of World of Warcraft and Runescape, but anime-like. Anyhow, quite some time ago, ^Neptune gave me parts of a "Image-Downloader" socket script, originally given through IRC (so I heard) by TheImrac. This inspired me to create an "example" of the powers of Image downloading, all done in mIRC. On to the script: Basically, this script gets information..

Kirby created a Page  -  Apr 01, 2009
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I don't remember who exactly requested this, but it is done. This small, neat snippet is similar to my YouTube Video "Detector", but has some extensions:

Kirby created a Page  -  Mar 30, 2009

One of my friends coded a similar socket script but in a different coding language (he says it's not MSL and I don't know what it is), so I've decided to take his "layout" and transform it into a usable mIRC-version script.

Kirby created a Page  -  Mar 27, 2009

This was actually ^Neptune's request, so here it is.

Kirby created a Page  -  Mar 08, 2009
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I really like these "" sites. :< It was originally a small alias that messaged the active window a random way from a site, but I decided to change it to a small dialog for solely one reason:

Kirby created a Page  -  Feb 27, 2009
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Everyday, I am abused by many Hawkee users on IRC (cough Eugene cough Nemesis cough NIGathan), so I have decided to take their idea and use it against them - a protection script to ward off these evil people.

Kirby created a Page  -  Feb 22, 2009
Kirby created a Page  -  Feb 02, 2009

Well this took a while. @_@

Kirby created a Page  -  Jan 15, 2009

I see many casino games on my network and some gamebots on Hawkee, regarding money. I often tend to see numbers such as $1000000 where there are no commas or apostrophes to separate quantities, making them harder to see. With $money, you can convert numbers such as $1000000 to $1'000'000. You can also round numbers with decimals, for example, $3294.786 to $3'294.79.

Kirby created a Page  -  Jan 13, 2009

This is one of the scripts I found that I made a few months ago on my cute bot. I originally took the idea from FunBots on Quakenet and decided to script one of their games just for kicks. It's just a small, but fun, bomb game where you can leash a bomb on yourself or another person, and that person has only 30 seconds to defuse the bomb by choosing one of the following:

Kirby created a Page  -  Dec 28, 2008

It's a longer in a dialog! Definitions added by everyday people like you!

Kirby created a Page  -  Dec 22, 2008

Another little dialog for solving scrambled text.

Kirby created a Page  -  Dec 18, 2008

Just a little dialog for talking and translating in "leet-speak".

Kirby created a Page  -  Dec 08, 2008

My first snippet using sockets! :D Thanks to ^Neptune who taught me how. This snippet allows you to msg your active channel a random quote from, from four popular characters, Homer and Bart Simpson, Borat, and Cartman from South Park.

Kirby created a Page  -  Nov 29, 2008
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I didn't make (the whole thing (characters and colors)) but I transfered it into ready alias form. Credits to: Spir^ on Quakenet

Kirby created a Page  -  Nov 24, 2008

Hi again. This is my second dialog, and the first one that I have worked independently with.

Kirby created a Page  -  Nov 18, 2008

My first dialog! :) This snippet only works for the network Quakenet, and you must have a Q account (auth with Q).Blitzjager taught me how to make dialogs yesterday, and helped construct this dialog (kudos to him). Anyways, here it is:

Kirby created a Page  -  Oct 08, 2008

This isn't the best "method" of a quote system, as it uses .txt files and the mIRC built-in userlist that uses .ini files; I found that hashes prove to be much more of use. So please check the Rehashed Quote System if you want a "better" version.

Kirby created a Page  -  Aug 23, 2008

Took Zmodem's method and reproduced it on my own. It's just a one second delay now.

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