Nov 06, 2004
In the middle of nowhere

Code Snippets

Corne created a Page  -  Jan 20, 2006

It removes all bans from a channel without looping. Type in a channel: /unbanall [#channel]

Corne created a Page  -  Jul 04, 2005

Just a simple snippet which shows you if a number if prime or not. Type /prime to check a number.

Corne created a Page  -  May 14, 2005

This snippet allows you to scan certains host from a channel and it shows the results in a separated window. Just try it...

Corne created a Page  -  May 07, 2005

This snippet checks users on join and if there are 2 or more with the same ! it changes their nicknames' color. If there are more than 14 pairs of clones then the nicknames' colors will start to repeat. It also has a popup which allows you to kick/ban clones easier. Just try it...

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