Sep 29, 2013

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g3mini   -  May 24, 2014

is there any way to put in a wildcard into $readini's section?

g3mini   -  Oct 22, 2013

i have made a script which triggers as soon as someone says O M G
(my nick = OMG)
it replies with their nick also in spaces example:
Shark says O M G
it replies with S h a r k
but now i have to add each nick seperately
is there a command which sends back $nick but wich spaces between each letter?

g3mini commented on a Page, 5 Color Strobe [Rebuilt..Kinda]  -  Sep 29, 2013
  • Working highlight when a name is said. <- In Progress/few bugs --- idk how to do this
  • Colored /me. <- Someone volunteered to do this. ---- someone else busy on it
  • Bold/Underline option. <- After I finish making highlight -----added (not trough menu but same as colors: trough the code)
  • Change colors from menu instead of going into the script. <- Read above ----- haven't put it in a menu but i made it that you can choose 10 colors instead of 5

shall i pm the code 2 you?

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