Jul 26, 2008

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Wizjany commented on a Page, Uno  -  May 24, 2012

I haven't been on this site forever lol, don't even use mirc anymore..

open notepad
copy/paste the text of my earlier comment
save as... navigate to your mirc/scripts folder
name the file "UNOTHEME.ini" and hit save

Wizjany commented on a Page, Simple Auto Identify  -  Sep 23, 2008

another thing, on my network, guests are 'Guest' without the _, i'm not sure how many networks this applies to, but remember guest also includes guest_*

Wizjany commented on a Page, Logs in HTML.  -  Sep 23, 2008

Firstly, "ACT" should be action. Also, halfop and dehalfop should be help and dehelp, respectively. You may also want to add a leave or a quit, because not all people use part.

I'm not sure about this, but

<font color="lime">(<font color="gray"> $+ $time(h:nn:ss TT) $+ <font color="lime">)</font><font color="lime">(

is missing several tags. I'm not sure if a new one will simply overwrite it or if it needs to be closed, because you closed it a few times and left it the rest.

Wizjany commented on a Page, nick changer on join / unotify  -  Sep 21, 2008

lol and I still don't get what the script does
/me is a n00b...

Wizjany commented on a Page, nick changer on join / unotify  -  Sep 21, 2008

shouldn't it be

on *:unotify:
Wizjany commented on a Page, X/channel modes Usefull Inputs.  -  Sep 19, 2008

Yea but it's $2-40 not $2-$40

@$2- not @$2-40

@cmitch1120 - either would work...you can also just remove the halts because $1 can't be more than one thing...
elseif's and if's are interchangeable
also, many people won't use else's but just do a halt and then the command on the next line

Wizjany commented on a Page, X/channel modes Usefull Inputs.  -  Sep 16, 2008
if ($1 == xt) { msg x topic $active $2-$40 | HALT }

Should be either $2-40 or $2-

i think he was trying to make sure it would be under 40 words

Wizjany commented on a Page, Deop Kick Ban  -  Sep 09, 2008

no need for brackets on popups
you can also use "cs" instead of "/msg chanserv"
also, on a query, $chan would be null

Wizjany commented on a Page, X/channel modes Usefull Inputs.  -  Sep 03, 2008

$2-40 should work...

Wizjany commented on a Page, Mimic Script  -  Aug 31, 2008

fixed, forgot a halt, so after it turned it off, it skipped to the part where it's already off

Wizjany created a Page  -  Aug 30, 2008

I recently saw a script here that would simply mimic anything said, so I made my own where you could choose who you want it to mimic. This script is meant for a bot. It will copy their words and actions.

Wizjany commented on a Page, Ultimate Rock Paper Scissors with Botplay  -  Jul 30, 2008

whenever I try to play against my bot, i get this:

-Wormhole- You have 60 seconds to choose either . Syntax: /notice Wormhole [!choicehere]
and then whatever i type to it...
-Wormhole- Please decide on either .
there\'s a problem with the %!rpsselection i think...it\'s not set at that point

Wizjany commented on a Page, Uno  -  Jul 30, 2008

you need a file \"UNOTHEME.ini\" which contains some stuff that it needs...

if you make a file called UNOTHEME.ini and put this in there, the script will work...

;colors: red brown purple orange yellow white black darkblue dgreen lgreen turq skyblue blue pink dgray lgray
;effects: [u] = underline [b] = bold [r] = reverse

;info notices to users
logdisabled=Sorry, nickname registration and login are disabled.
notregged=No such user: **+1+**. Type **/notice +botnick+ unoregister <username> <password>**
notlogged=You are not logged in.
alreadylogged=You are alreadly logged in under **+username+**. Type **unologout** to logout. (/notice +botnick+ unologout)
logout=You are now logged out of account +username+
passchange=Password for **+username+** changed to **+1+**
passaccepted=**[green]Password accepted.**[/green] You are now logged in.
invalidlogin=**[red]Invalid password.**[/red]
toolong=Username and password must contain 20 characters or less each.
usernametaken=Sorry, [b]+1+[b] is already registered. To login: /notice +botnick+ unologin <password>
alreadyregged=Sorry, it looks as if you registered the username **+1+**. Only one username per user is allowed due to abuse. If this is wrong, contact the owner of the bot.
regsuccess=**+1+** registered to you with the password **+2+**
floodmsg=You\'re flooding me. *ignores your commands for +1+ seconds*
activegame=An Uno game is already active! Type **join** to join the game
endunoerr=Only **+1+** can end the current game! Use **!unoremove** to leave the game
noactivegame=No active games! Type **!uno** to start a round.
alreadyplaying=You\'re already playing this round.
notplayinground=You\'re not in this game. Type **join** to play
notyourturn=It isnt your turn...chill.
playingas=Your score will be saved under the username **+username+**
notplayingas=You are [red]NOT[/red] logged in. Your score will not be saved.
mustdraw=Draw a card first! Type **draw**
passorplay=You must **pass** or **play**
wildwait=Waiting for **+1+** to chose a color!
hasuno=**+1+ has [yellow]U[/yellow][blue]N[/blue][red]O[/red]!**
unowin=**[red]+1+[/red] [green]WINS[/green] [yellow]U[/yellow][blue]N[/blue][red]O[/red]!**
drawtwo=**+1+ [purple]DRAWS TWO[/purple] cards and is [green]SKIPPED[/green]**
drawfour=**+1+ [red]DRAWS FOUR[/red] cards.**
skipped=**+1+ is [green]SKIPPED[/green]**
choosecolor=Choose a color **+1+**. Type color red, color blue, color yellow, or color green.
reverseback=**<- [blue]REVERSE[/blue]**
reversefwd=**[blue]REVERSE[/blue] ->**
idlewarnplayer=You have **+1+** seconds before you are removed from the game!
idlewarnchan=**+1+** will be removed from the game if they dont play their turn within **+2+** seconds.
stopuno=The current game has been **ENDED** by **+1+**
endscore=Points this game +1+: **[red]+2+[/red]**
mustreg=To have your scores saved by the bot, you must login or register. Type **/notice +botnick+ unohelp for more info.**
unostart=+1+ wants to play Uno! Type **join** in the channel to join the game. Game will start in 30 seconds.
unostartbot=[red]The bot will be playing this round.[/red]
willplay=**+1+** will play!
shuffledeck=**[red]SHUFFLING DECK!**[/red]

;help notices to users
hchpass=Usage: unochpass <new password>
hlogin=Usage: unologin <username> <password>
hregister=Usage: unoregister <username> <password>
hregistersuggest=Login or register. For help **/notice +botnick+ unohelp**

;log @uno window
logoutlog=+time+ <+nick+> logged **[orange]OUT[/orange]** of account +username+
loginlog=+time+ <+nick+> logged **[green]IN**[/green] to account **+username+**
invalidlog=+time+ <+nick+> tried [red]INVALID[/red] password for account **+1+** using pass **+2+**
registeredlog=+time+ <+nick+> [purple]REGISTERED[/purple] account **+1+**
Wizjany commented on a Page, Timed ban/mute for bot  -  Jul 28, 2008

Alright great. I fixed the $3 thing (you told me to in your second tip but didn\'t cut it out) and used napa\'s $iif for the $2 thing. It should be working now.

Wizjany commented on a Page, Timed ban/mute for bot  -  Jul 28, 2008

alright thanks a lot, it all got worse when russelB told me to edit it...no offense, but I don\'t understand what he\'s trying to tell me -.-

Wizjany commented on a Page, Timed ban/mute for bot  -  Jul 27, 2008

Alright, I fixed most of it except for a few things.

First, if you mean using a .msg instead of msg | halt I tried that already, but it didn\'t getting through the testing stages...it continued to run through my script and banned them twice, once without the reason and once with it.
Also, you say that some IRCds require a kick reason, even when using the k switch of the /ban, but I don\'t know where the reason would go, as it\'s not mentioned in the syntax...

Wizjany created a Page  -  Jul 27, 2008

I was looking for a timed ban for my bot, but they were all the nicklist type, so I made this one.

Wizjany commented on a Page, MegaRPG NPC Module  -  Jul 26, 2008

is there a way to choose what npcs are fighting? it doesn\'t have a \"fighting\" thing in the NPC.ini, changing the variable won\'t work, and i can\'t find where to set that...

edit: I tested it on my admin account, and all the attacks work except for magic andfairydust
whenever i tried to use those attacks, it told me that the npc that i directed it at wasn\'t fighting, even though it was in the arena

Wizjany commented on a Page, MegaRPG Module: Money/Bank/Lottery  -  Jul 26, 2008

In lines 140 and 145 you\'re missing parentheses.
they should be
if ($istok(%TicketsBought,%Lottery,32)) {
if (!$istok(%TicketsBought,%Lottery,32)) {
edit: (it\'s under the alias lotterydraw btw...I just noticed they don\'t have line numbers here xD)

besides from that, everything seems to be working, thanks a lot!

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