Sep 21, 2013

Code Snippets

rebel9 created a Page  -  Jun 02, 2017
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Pastes what you have in your clipboard (ctrl+c) with color for various chars, mainly for posting code in IRC for readability purposes.

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rebel9 created a Page  -  May 31, 2017
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Displays the current price of crypto-currencies. Works with SReject's JSONForMirc

rebel9 created a Page  -  Jan 11, 2016
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As long as is your active tab on your browser, this will display the song you are playing.I can't take all the credit for this, half of this work goes to someone else on hawkee. I just made it work for all links, as far as I can tell. Feel free to improve this script. Add this script to remotes. Tools -> Scripts Editor -> Remotes tab -> C/P script -> File -> Save -> Ok.

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rebel9 created a Page  -  Nov 08, 2015
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Here is a nick check script, updated by rebel9, originally created by Aha2y. Enjoy.

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rebel9 created a Page  -  Oct 25, 2015
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Here's Kirby's Urban Dictionary code. I've modified it slightly and made it work the way I'd want it to. You may use it if you'd like to. This is the version before I made major changes to it, all together re-writing the script. Here's working msl urban dictionary script for hawkee. -2015

rebel9 created a Page  -  Sep 05, 2015
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m00.dll -> m00.mrc This is a very descriptive and extensive version of m00.dll in .mrc form. Parses specified system information.

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rebel9 created a Page  -  Feb 04, 2014
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Colors URL with the color of your choosing, just change the '12' in urlcolor alias to what color number you want (ctrl+k). This isn't perfected, but works for me. Special thanks to ex0a for help making it less buggy.

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