Jul 20, 2008

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cellist commented on a Page, RickRoll Script  -  Jun 10, 2009

Of course it's been done before, but I got bored. I probably have some other scripts that would be more worthy of being posted... oh well.

cellist created a Page  -  Jun 08, 2009

Now there's probably a million of these out there, so I figured I'd throw another out. This is probably the most basic type of script I could do, but whatever. Here you go... Made by Sam Ferry (me) of IRC.AceIRC.org #datablab.

cellist created a Page  -  Dec 14, 2008

Hey Guys. Now, I haven't scripted in the longest time, so this script is probably major nooooobish... but I'll give it a shot. Its an IRCop menu I made a bit back that has basic bans and such, kinda useful... [for me, at least].

cellist created a Page  -  Aug 17, 2008

This Is A Slaps Menu. You add it to your mIRC remotes and just right-click on the nick, select slaps, and choose from your options. (Snippet is an excerpt from a previous script I made.)

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cellist commented on a Page, Pastebin Script (Uploader)  -  Jul 20, 2008

Nice H_M. 10/10

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