Oct 05, 2004

Activity Stream

MOPARonLSD commented on a mIRC Addon, MP3 Console v1.56  -  Nov 19, 2004

just wonderin one thing.. how can i get this to appear in say a right click menue or the commands drop down list?

MOPARonLSD commented on a Page, Clone scanner and kicker  -  Oct 05, 2004

First off.. this is the best clone scanner/kicker i\'ve found to date. but, it kicks +V +h etc.. you stated to GMANN Try typing /who #channel. The script will only kick regular users (ie, users who are not voiced, hopped or opped.)\".. but its kickin them. is there some code i can add to this so it won\'t kick them at all no matter what? I\'m an avid IRC user but total noob to writing scripts etc. please help.

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