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Typo commented on a Page, Random Token Generator  -  Mar 08, 2014

I have made some serious enhancements so if you looked at this before reading this post, look again as if its new.

Typo commented on a Page, Random Token Generator  -  Mar 06, 2014

I had formatted the description with indenting on the examples but all the leading spaces were stripped when I posted it here. Sorry if it turns out to be a bit difficult to read.

EDIT* I will be updating this function tonight with additional functionality.

Typo created a Page  -  Mar 06, 2014

Generate random strings (tokens) of variable lengths with selectable characters and output in text, binary, octal, decimal or hexadecimal.

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Typo   -  Mar 06, 2014

I think it would be a good idea to add a link to the snippet section to start a new post (snippet). It was very odd to me to not be able to post a snippet from the snippet page, instead I had to go 'home' first.

Site is looking good! :)

Typo   -  Dec 20, 2013

RSA 4096 cracked using a microphone.

It's as interesting as it sounds. Below are two links, the first is the story covered from a news site, the second the actual paper from the Tel Aviv University.



Typo commented on a Page, [PHP] mIRC Identifier Library : mIRC.lib.php   -  Dec 18, 2013

This is pretty cool. I would never use something like this but I like that you took the time to try and do it :) .

Typo commented on a Page, pagiLinks() Pagination Function  -  Jun 16, 2011

@Furby Lol, sorry for the late reply, been busy lately with customers projects.

I plan on becoming active again here now though and hopefully more so with PHP too.

Nice to see you!

Typo commented on a Page, pagiLinks() Pagination Function  -  Jun 09, 2011

Feel free to let me know what you think. I know the styling is basic but I thought I would leave the fancy styling up to the individual.

Thanks for looking,

Typo created a Page  -  Jun 09, 2011
4 321 

For the sake of the screenshot, I made the background light grey, this is not included in the default styling.

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Typo commented on a Page, Pagination Function - Rounded Gradient Buttons  -  Jun 07, 2011

In response to the earlier comment about IE8 becoming less prominent, I'm afraid that won't happen as soon as we might like. Many people are stubbornly happy on their Windows XP systems and for good reason, it was a pretty decent OS.

Microsoft has made the decision for some reason or other to not support XP in IE9 regardless of how many people are still running it and the fact that other programs such as FireFox can support current standards for all current OS's including XP. It is explained pretty well in http://download.cnet.com/8301-2007_4-20043103-12.html .

As long as XP users cannot use IE9 we will have to continue to offer backwards compatibility for some time to come. I expext IE8 to be the next generations thorn in the side like IE6 proved to be as long as IE9 cannot run on XP.

Just my opinion.

BTW, nice snippet Hawkee, I'm about to release a similar one but mine isn't styled nearly as nice.

Typo commented on a Page, htmlspecialchars() for arrays / nested arrays  -  May 15, 2011

All comments are welcome.

Typo created a Page  -  May 15, 2011

This is a very simple function that will run htmlspecialchars() on every value in an array. The function is recursive (calls itself) so even if it holds nested arrays it will still work.

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Typo commented on a Page, Pro Slap!  -  Jan 30, 2011

Here is another way to go about this but using tokens. As far as an alternative goes, I think this is much easier to understand and actually learn something from than the other alternative example above. No offense meant to Dean.

menu nicklist {
  .Pro Slap!:{ 
    var %proslapran $rand(1,7), %proslap2ran $rand(1,4), %proslap 12 inch Butterfly knife,Bowie knife,wooden stick,metal pole,Fleshlight,glove with a brick inside it,2 ton Acme weight, %proslap2 RPD Bling pro(Heartbeat sensor + FMJ),M16 with n00b tube,SPAS with red dot sight,Desert Eagle
    .timer 1 1 me walks up to15,1 $$1 then pulls out a 09,01 $+ $gettok(%proslap,%proslapran,44) $+  and massacres them with it...
    .timer 1 3 me goes to his car and takes out a 07,01 $+ $gettok(%proslap2,%proslap2ran,44) $+  and shoots $$1 in the head and walks away.
    .timer 1 5 msg $chan 9,1another bitch.. 11,1PWNED!!!

p.s. I got rid of the sub menu for pro slap, there was only one slap in it so its fine as a main menu command I thought.

Typo commented on a Page, PassGen 4.0  -  Jan 09, 2011


You don't have to use $v1 but $1. Using $1 also gives those old mirc users a safe bet for this code to work for them 100%.
Your absolutely right that I could have just used $1, I only used $v1 out of habbit but the fact is that the $v1 and $v2 variables were introduced in 07/07/2004 in mIRC v6.16.

I seriously doubt we should take the time to concern ourselves with people still running something that old. Any effort to that end should be put towards getting those people to finally upgrade their mircs.

Typo commented on a Page, PassGen 4.0  -  Jan 09, 2011


I made a little alteration to mine..(the one I pasted it before in the other password snippet that the OP was referring to).....I thought "why not add symbols/punctuation too" and so with that in mind was actually able to shorten it by using $chr and the numbers that all letters, numbers and usable characters fall into. Like before it defaults to a random size of 12 to 18 characters unless you specify the length like $makepass(129) .

alias makepass {
  var %go $iif($1 isnum,$v1,$r(12,18))
  while (%go) {
    var %pass %pass $+ $chr($r(33,126))
    dec %go
  return %pass

I like the little dialog yours came with but not sure I wanna invest that kinda time into what is really a silly snippet.

Typo commented on a Page, mIRC Objects  -  Jan 08, 2011

I really like how you did this. Well done.

Typo commented on a Page, Mkpass v 0.2  -  Jan 08, 2011

Dont know what made me comment when I haven't in so long but anyhow....

Here is the makepass alias I came up with some time ago on a whim.

It defaults to a random pass between 12 and 18 characters but you can select the ammount of characters like '$makepass(10)' or '/makepass 10'.

It randomizes using numbers and upper and lower case letters.

It's also set to output differently depending on how it is used. If you use it like $makepass() it will simply return it, and if u use it like /makepass it will echo it.

alias makepass {
  var %go $iif($1 isnum,$v1,$r(12,18))
  while (%go) {
    var %pass %pass $+ $iif($r(1,3) == 1,$r(a,z),$iif($v1 == 2,$r(A,Z),$iif($v1 == 3,$r(0,9))))
    dec %go
  $iif($isid,return,echo -a) %pass
Typo commented on a Page, Typos !Trigger Protection  -  Mar 02, 2009

Was grabbing this to give to someone and notices it could use some updating so I updated to simplify code with some $v1's, and a couple other small changes. It works exactly the same in every way, just less code is all.

Now nobody can say I haven't done anything on Hawkee lately. LOL


Typo commented on a Page, Holiday Snippets  -  Dec 27, 2008

Purcell had the right idea except he should be using elseif instead of else and if's and he should be using $1- not $1- and furthermore you should strip $1 so that if the person triggering is using a color talker it will still work.
I will use /tokenize 32 $strip($1-) to make $1 be stripped thru the whole script so that I dont have use a $strip call in ever if statement.
I also noticed a typo in the christmas greeting, it was missing a ctrl+b and ctrl+k.
Code edited:

on *:text:*:#:{ 
  tokenize 32 $strip($1-)
  if ($1- == !xmas) {
    msg $chan 4M3E4R3R4Y 
    msg $chan 3C4H3R4I3S4T3M4A3S4!3! 
  elseif ($1- == !easter) {
    msg $chan 5H6A13P9P4Y __()()
    msg $chan ________(o.o)
    msg $chan 3E4A12S10T9E7R13! (( . ))
  elseif ($1- == !halleween) { msg $chan 7,1 HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Trick or Treat!  }

  elseif ($1- == !birthday) { msg $chan 12H3A4P5P7Y 13B6I9R8T14H2D11A10Y12 $2- 4! 9! 7! }

  elseif ($1- == !newyear) { msg $chan 4,1*\o/* 13*\o/* 8HAPPY NEW YEAR! 7*\o/* 12*\o/* }

Good luck.

Typo commented on a Page, Word and Character Counter  -  Dec 24, 2008

`Green said:

i don't know if i can make a word counter but i made a character counter :)
You can count words with:


For instance, if you type the following in mirc:

//var %Words = How many words is this? | echo -a $qt(%Words) has $numtok(%Words,32) words.

You will see:

"How many words is this?" has 5 words.
Good luck.

Typo commented on a Page, Typos Slot Machine  -  Dec 19, 2008

Someone voted this like a 2 or 3. It was at like 7.6 with 3 votes and is now at 6.0 with 4 votes.

This wouldn't bother me except that this obviously dissatisfied person takes the time to rate my script crappily but can't find it in them to share with the rest of us what it is they find so wrong with with the code.

Even if the score was only 7.0 and is now 6.0 that means that the anon user only voted 3 by my rather hasty calculations and that just seems rude in my opinion.

I know its not a nice script and is just a silly ans useless game and I will even admit the coding could probably be cleaned up a little more but this seems like a personal dig to me and thats not at all what this site is intended for.

Crap like this makes a lot of people just stop posting and honestly even tho I refuse to let it stop me I completely understand why they let it stop them.

Personally, I vote for a rating system where it shows everyone who rated what how much.

Then maybe we can notice patterns of losers voting out of malice and could then weed them out.

Just my two cents.

Typo commented on a Page, Typos Slot Machine  -  Dec 18, 2008

Updated to properly track and reset the amount you are betting to the last amount selected when the credits are reset or the dialog restarted.

Kirby: I would have to use mdx or dcx dialog extensions to get a better looking dialog or to make it look really good I would need to do it using picwins. I'm not sure I want to put that kind of time into this script but it is something I am thinking about.

Thanks again everyone for the comments, ratings and likes.

Typo commented on a Page, Typos Slot Machine  -  Dec 18, 2008

Thanks for all the comments everyone. I didnt even notice I accidently left blueberry in the payout list instead of pineapple, that has been fixed since it's an easy fix, I will address the zero bet later tho it techincally isnt an issue since you cannot win any credits when you bet 0.

If I want it to remember the bet you had it on then I have to add another variable and I was just avoiding doing that so I let it reset the bet to blank upon credits reset. I will fix that one way or the other and upload a screenshot in an hour or two.

Typo commented on a Page, Typos Slot Machine  -  Dec 18, 2008

Something I threw together the other day when someone was asking for help on a different one and then didn't need help anymore.

I haven't released anything in so long that I thought why not put this on just for the heck of it.


Typo created a Page  -  Dec 18, 2008

Simple slot machine that includes wilds, adjustable betting, realistic fealing spins and more.

Typo commented on a Page, moo.mrc detection / loader  -  Dec 15, 2008

This isnt even usable in its current form. It isn't an alias or anything, it's just code looking for a home and cannot be used as-is.
Your comments need to be on seperate lines to avoid them being processed.
You have bracket mismatches.
You do not need to use "/" in front of commands inside of scripts.
Here is the code with the items above fixed.

alias NAME_ME {
  if ($exists(scripts\moo.mrc) == $true) {           
    ;if moo.mrc exists...
    set %z.sys.moo Available                       
    ;...set it as available.
    if ($script(moo.mrc) == $null) {               
      ;if it's not loaded...
      if (%z.load.plugins == 1) {                  
        ;...and plugin loading is enabled...
        .load -rs scripts\moo.mrc                 
        ;...try to load it...
        if ($script moo.mrc) == $null) {          
          ;...if it's still not loaded...
          set %z.sys.moo.loaded failed to load  
          ;...set status to 'failed to load'
        else {                                    
          ;if it was loaded successfully...
          set %z.set.sysinfo.moo 1              
          ;...make moo.mrc do the sysinfo...
          set %z.sys.moo.loaded loaded          
          ;...and make moo.mrc show up as loaded.
      else {                                       
        ;if we don't want to load plugins at start..
        set %z.set.sysinfo.moo 0                 
        ;...do not use moo.mrc for sysinfo...
        set %z.sys.moo.loaded not loaded         
        ;...and make it show up as 'not loaded'.
    else {
      set %z.set.sysinfo.moo 1                    
      ;if the script is already loaded...
      set %z.sys.moo.loaded loaded                
      ;...make it show up as such.
  else {
    set %z.sys.moo Unavailable                     
    ;if moo.mrc doesn't exist...
    set %z.set.sysinfo.moo 0                       
    ;...disable moo.mrc sysinfo...
    set %z.sys.moo.loaded not loaded               
    ;...set it as 'not loaded'...
    set %z.sys.moo Unavailable                     
    ;...and as 'unavailable'.
  echo %z.pr %z.col.hi $+ moo.mrc %z.col.txt $+ is %z.col.hi $+ %z.sys.moo $+ %z.col.txt $+ , %z.sys.moo.loaded                       
  ; the line above this shows status, if it's available and/or loaded.

Good luck.

Typo commented on a Page, Typos ViewPic  -  Dec 09, 2008

I wanted to apologize to anyone waiting for the release of the next update which adds online image searching abilities. Things got really busy for me the past couple months and I haven't had time for any kind of coding till past few days. I will resume the testing for the update very soon and then release it if it's good to go.

Sorry for the delays.

Typo commented on a Page, Typos !Trigger Protection  -  Dec 09, 2008

Good idea brando, I didn't see this post until now or would have done it sooner.

To be honest I'm not sure why the heck I didnt use $true and $false in the first place but hey, if I'm not being goofy then I'm not being me so oh well.

Typo commented on a Page, FullScreen  -  Dec 03, 2008

I love the idea but it doesnt quite perform right.

In some cases the picture didn't fill the fullscreen window and the fullscreen window itself isnt actually fullscreen.

It doesnt maintain the aspect ratio either which makes some pictures look very odd when switched to fullscreen.

I also suggest you make any single key press close the fullscreen window since your not giving it a proper frame with an x like a nrmal window.

I know that this script is a toughie because I had to tackle the same thing when adding the ability to view pictures in fullscreen mode to my ViewPic script. The aspect ratio part alone took me some time to nail and figuring out the proper window paramaters to get the window right was a pain too.

Its a good start but honestly needs work. I love the concept tho.

Good luck.

p.s. If you would like to try out Typos ViewPic to test the fullscreen mode it's posted here on hawkee at http://www.hawkee.com/snippet/4955/ .

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