Jun 10, 2008

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Trikloa commented on a Page, [Z] Channel Link  -  Dec 14, 2008

YOu could've just done on *:rawmode:#: instead of all those events.


Trikloa commented on a Page, Request a script  -  Aug 31, 2008

Well, even if it's just not working it's still a little vague. ;x
I'd prefer you'd atleast give what commands aren't working, what you've tried to get it to work, or any edits you've made to the script. Any details you couold supply would be helpful.

Trikloa commented on a Page, Cyber Emo /wrists  -  Aug 26, 2008

This could be useful for spammin' out the server's main chan on a depicition you were banned some where. lol @ your convinciveness, made me use it with three words, "Use the script" u.u
[N-A]n00blet finds it useful, 7/10 ;x

Trikloa commented on a Page, Over 9000 (umm..I dunno what it's called)  -  Aug 26, 2008
set %F12 $?:"Type yes to Scan"
Scan: var %pl $r(1,10000)

First of all, the $? identifier is used like this:

$?="What ever you want here"

And if you want it to be Yes or No, you do this:

$?!="The Yes or No question"

And perhaps make an alias for 'Scan:'?

You should've expected this flaming, don't post scripts that fail...
Plus you partially ripped a dude I'm budz with on his server, seriously, think shit through, Hawkee is not going to be another F'ing <_<

Trikloa commented on a Page, Poll or Vote Snippet  -  Aug 24, 2008

There you go Typo, I made some of th changes you suggested. I just don't use while commands, because everytime I use them, the script fails. =\
So, I cleaned it up a bit, and added the vote accomidation. I actually came up with that way of voting when I was making my Killer Game snippet. So please enjoy, and I hope you find this useful.

Trikloa commented on a Page, Poll or Vote Snippet  -  Aug 22, 2008

I suppose I normally would've added those things to the snippet already, but someone told me to script it like a novice scripter would. and see what people said.

I'll make those changes when I update it.
Thanks for the suggestion Typo.

Trikloa created a Page  -  Aug 22, 2008

This is the updated version, it's more cleaner, and it suplies more information. (please beware, if three or more options have the same vote, the grammer will be terrible [e.i. yes and no and maybe and something]) So, just use this poll for many miscellaneous things. The reason I made the poll allowation of write in's is because it can get annoying sometimes. (It automatically sets the poll to forbid..

Trikloa created a Page  -  Aug 08, 2008

So, this is just a little snippet where, if you type !ascii (symbol) it will give you the ASCII value of that symbol. And, if you !char (number) it will give you the symbol for the given value. I used the /goto command because I fail at /while's ;x the purpose for making it is because I use $gettok a lot, and I have to devise the $chr(?) thing.

Trikloa commented on a Page, Killer Game  -  Jul 28, 2008

I took your advice err0r, Frankly I was going to do it in the first place, when I tested it, it didn\'t screw up at all. So hopefully it works. But then again, I never got 10 players ;x
JUST SAYING That I didn\'t get 10 people, it still should work though :<

Trikloa commented on a Page, Naruto RPG  -  Jul 27, 2008

That would be helpful, and I thought about that, but I don\'t have a good reason why I put the aliases seperate

Trikloa created a Page  -  Jul 27, 2008

So I've gotten done editing it, and here's the things I've added: A menu script, a color code for msg's, a use for the %owner, and some kill-operater/adding kill-op commands. Plus I fixed some of the major bugs I missed, so it should work now. But a word of warning, I haven't got a chance to test this newer one much. But I'm pretty sure it'll work. So just type Alt + R and paste this into your remotes...

Trikloa created a Page  -  Jul 16, 2008

This is just a simple coin game I made, since I'm still working on other snippets, plus this was sort of easy to make. The point is to find the hidden coin underneath a space on the puzzle board. It looks like this: [1][2][3] [4][5][6] So yeah, that's pretty much it, each game goes through 10 boards, so if it seems like forever, it'll end soon. Also, the reason the first space was set to 1-4, instead..

Trikloa commented on a Page, AnimeSpotBot  -  Jul 16, 2008

Also, rather than putting \'if ($chan == %chanset)\' you could just replace the # in your event bar with %chanset like this:

On *:Join:%chanset: {
 Msg %chanset 4Hello there 7 $nick 12 Welcome to 7 %chanset 12 Type !bhelp if you Need Help! Bot not fully done
 Msg Chanserv voice %chanset $nick

That\'s the only thing I\'ve noticed, that the others haven\'t covered. ☼_☼

Trikloa commented on a Page, Naruto RPG  -  Jul 16, 2008

I would\'ve, but both are meant to be really long, and I doubt anyone would see a \"Place the above in the \"aliases\" section\" about 50-100 lines down, so I made them seperate.

Did you mean to make it all %cham ?and

 m $Nick So You\'re $iif($readini(n.ini,$address,clan) !=  

Is that meant to be iif?

Yes ChunkieMonkey, it\'s supposed to be $iif, and the reason I used %cham for them all is to designate that the script is used in only one channel.

Trikloa created a Page  -  Jul 14, 2008

These are the aliases assitiated with the Naruto RPG script at So besure to put them together, neither this snippet nor the snippet at are done, I only posted them to be critisized, and to keep my brother from deleteing them, so put this in your alias, not in your remotes

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Trikloa created a Page  -  Jul 14, 2008

This is just a little Naruto RPG I'm working on since all of my friends are begging me to do one. Plus I haven't posted something in a while. This is definately not done at all, I only posted it so my little brother wouldn't delete it again (Third time I've had to remake it) I'll have updates for it soon, but other than that, tell me what's wrong so far, besides that the batte portion isn't closed...

Trikloa commented on a Page, Pokemon Rpg (Remotes)  -  Jul 08, 2008

Good point....I\'ll make my own xD

Trikloa commented on a Page, Pokemon Rpg (Remotes)  -  Jul 08, 2008

I have the alias part of this, and it keeps spamming my bots window with this useless crap of \"EVOLVE unknown command\" and I\'m not going to look through 8000 lines of alias just too see if I even have it, cuz god knows if I don\'t see, I\'m going to double if you DIDN\'T make the /evolve command, you should get on that >>
but if I\'m wrong, please, FFS tell me <
< `+.+´

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