Jun 02, 2008
High School Student
Auckland, New Zealand
IRC, mIRC scripting, AQ Rating

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Deimius commented on a Page, Word scramble game  -  Jun 07, 2008

Awesome work Olliegod. I\'ve added this to my bot.

One minor suggestion, if words get added with any Capital letters in them, in a game, the scrambled word also has that same letter capitalized too. May I suggest adding a simple $lower() to a few of the messages.

Great Job.

Deimius commented on a Page, Rock Paper Scissors (2Player)  -  Jun 06, 2008

Sorry about that, I\'m still really new to scripting and my knowledge of different commands is really limited. Hash tables were one of the first things I learned and it was at the time (and still is :P) the only way I knew of keeping track of scores.

If you have a suggestion on any other methods, I\'m all ears :). Thanks for the comments, both of you.

Deimius created a Page  -  Jun 06, 2008

This is my own Rock Paper Scissors game that I use on my Bot. It's my first real snippet that I actually made from scratch, however unoriginal it is. It is a little long, so any input on shortening it is greatly appreciated. So are any comments and please post if you find any errors.

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