Aug 08, 2013

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Drm0u commented on a Page, mIRC Radio Bot v3.0  -  Aug 14, 2013

I mostly have this working for our channel and radio station. However, when the !listener trigger is executed, it sends send everything! I only expected it to send the user c.listener / m.listeners. I am using a Shoutcast v1 encoder in SAMBC. Here is an example of what a user is getting:

Listeners: 8100021234Varioushttp://myradiostation.com/dreamonDreamOn Radio Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Dream'R Stream'R)&artist=Michael%20Jackso n&title=Billie%20Jean&album=Thriller&duration=294113&songtype=S&overlay=no&buycd=&website=&picture=3551.jpg#DreamOn-Radio.rNADream'R Stream'R11968469164audio/mpeg1.9.8 A>39611640059150182135800000007659036 D>, Ultravox/2.1010561462108.249.90.203WinampMPEG/5.65, Ultravox/2.1068704 6577.101.66.244WinampMPEG/5.61,Ultravox/2.1067824661376517826Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Dream'R Stream'R)1376517816Dream On Radio - All The Right Stuff (Dream'R Stream'R)1376517292Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't it be good (Dream'R Stream'R)1376517059Shinedown - Bully (Dream'R Stream'R)1376516830Bryan Adams - Lonely Nights1376516817Dream On Radio - We'll Provide The Beats1376516517Volbeat - Fallen1376516292Foreigner - Feels Like the First Time1376516122Bay City Rollers - Saturday Night1376515899 >The Byrds - Turn Turn Turn/1000 (Dream'R Stream'R) Any ideas, what I might not have done right?
Drm0u commented on a Page, type on text kick (bot)  -  Aug 08, 2013

I am a n00b here and am struggling with getting these to work in mIRC. I have a room, have some nicks set as SOPs and AOPs. I have tried several of these great scripts and can't get them to work. Do I just copy this into the Remote tab and it will work as long as the nick is a op? Sorry for the lame misunderstanding, on my part.

I even tried to copy this in my "unloaded" blank Remote, save it to a ini file, reload it and it doesn't work. even after a restart of mIRC. Do I need to declare any global variables for my channel or ops?

Is there a place for mIRC scripting / using 101? :D

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