May 03, 2008

mIRC Code Snippets

RagBot created a Page  -  Dec 28, 2009
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I decided it would be fun to make a hangman game with pictures, although it's just a stick figure. I'm poor of thinking up questions, but I included a feature to create your own, or get friends to make some up for you.

RagBot created a Page  -  Nov 30, 2009

I needed a simple script that converted multiple CHR and ASCII codes.

RagBot created a Page  -  Nov 15, 2009

I made this because I often find myself typing in something, but needed to reply to something else and my edit-box was full. This just lets you message the channel of your choice. I hope someone finds it useful.

RagBot created a Page  -  Sep 14, 2009

Syntax Private: /c Public: /cp Check Answer: /anscheck

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RagBot created a Page  -  Aug 31, 2009
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I made this so I had something to do on my own, i didn't need someone else, or a clone to do the commands. I believe it works on 6.34+, but it hasn't worked on some earlier than that, not sure how low the version though

RagBot created a Page  -  Jun 22, 2008

This is a 100 day script (100th day of owning mIRC), it's not the best script ever, but with me it's the greatest i can do :p. anyways this has been a good practise script that can have a few things changed. Change NICK to what people call you (Eg: people call me rag for short, so i would put rag) and you can change how many beeps there are so it can be personalized a bit.

RagBot created a Page  -  May 31, 2008

This is just a to do list, I felt like scripting something because I was getting bored, and I like to write dialogs, so here it is!

RagBot created a Page  -  May 05, 2008

This is a very early script i made, it was the first script i made, so it may not be the best of scripts, but it is still fun ^_^ i did intend to put 3 "FAILURE!!" in it so people have a greater chance of it >:)

RagBot created a Page  -  May 04, 2008

This is Haewk's "Hawks MP3 player" but i have changed the place of the buttons and added a menu in the channel section so if you right click in the channel section "MP3 Player" will be there. /song : shows what your listening to everything else is pretty self explanitory

RagBot created a Page  -  May 03, 2008

This is a script i made one day because i felt like making a turn based game feel free to add colors of your own and give me credit if you do post this snippet edited. this is a bit of a spam game, so i included a way to turn it off. make sure to change NICK into your nick so those commands don't get abused.

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