Jul 18, 2013

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Yama commented on a Page, [REQUEST] User join Script  -  Jul 22, 2013

On *:join:#fragharry: {
/write -c names.txt $nick
if ( $nick == Peter ) { splay peter.wav }
elseif ( $nick == David ) { splay david.wav }
elseif ( $nick == Tony ) { splay tony.wav }
If you raname the soundfiles exactly like the usernames, you can remove line 3-5 and put this:
/splay $nick $+ .wav
You don't need to set the path to sound files that are in the sounds folder in mIRC.
The names.txt will be created in %appdata% or next to mirc.exe (deppends on your installation).

Yama created a Page  -  Jul 20, 2013
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You will be able to chat and do whatever you like on your PC. The custom window won't harm you and can be set to always on top. Just do a right-click and choose 'Chat Yama' and type in the channel or nick. Screenshot and german changelog on my blog: http://blog.yamahi.eu/chatten-leicht-gemacht

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Yama created a Page  -  Jul 20, 2013

I was inspired from a random comment on a blog to make this script. I laughed so hard that I had to make it for mIRC, too. And I know that it is supposed to be 'Your'.

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Yama created a Page  -  Jul 20, 2013

I made this to connect to more than one network on start of mIRC. It is really easy to use, just do a rightclick and choose 'Yama Server'. On the dialog choose the network and click on 'Connect on Start' then on 'Apply'. Make sure to click on 'Apply' on every server. Screenshot is on my blog: http://blog.yamahi.eu/mehr-als-ein-server-gleichzeitig-verbinden

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Yama created a Page  -  Jul 20, 2013

This script just makes sure the cursor changes to a pointer on links without http:// or www., so you can open links with a double-click like full links. You can add more domains to the if.

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Yama created a Page  -  Jul 20, 2013
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Sometimes you want to use /amsg but it posts the messages only on the current server or you want to set exception for channels. Well... Here ya go. The config:

Yama   -  Jul 18, 2013

Hi, I'm new here and used many of the mIRC scripts here.
Well, on my newest project I have to save a lot of config settings. .Ini is too limited.
msqlite is a bit hard to use.
XML would be nice, but mIRC doesnt supports it natively and with a third party script it takes too long to load.
Have you any ideas, how to use a comfortable easy to use config type like xml on mIRC scripts?

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