Apr 24, 2008
chatting and watching tv


TheWhistler   -  Dec 19, 2015

i'm looking for a tlc to give +o on join with on and off switch

TheWhistler   -  Dec 28, 2014

i'm looking for a onjoin set room gzline for my server for mass bots
menu menubar {
.Set Onjoin Gline
..Set Room Gline:/setrooms $chan
..remrooms:/remrooms $chan

or if anybody can fix this to work
would be grealty appricated
think napa did 1 but some how i lost it

on 1:JOIN:#:{
var %i = 1, %r = $$?="reason"
while $sline(#,%i) {
set -u20 %gline. $+ $ifmatch %r
userhost $ifmatch
inc %i

raw 302::{
var %a = $replace($2,
=-,!,=+,!,=-,!,=+,!), %n = $gettok(%a,1,33)
if %gline. [ $+ [ %n ] ] {
@ $+ $gettok(%a,2,64) 30d : $+ $ifmatch
echo -at > Glined %n
unset %gline. $+ %n

TheWhistler   -  Jun 29, 2014

i'M LOOKING FOR A GOOD WEATHER.TCL that will work. Most i have install do not work, if anybody could make 1 . i sure would appricate it

TheWhistler   -  Apr 09, 2013

i'm looking for a file that brings up @information,@information2,@ctcp,@op,@deop,@text,@part,@join,@connecting,@disconnect,@ban and some more I cant rememember, I don't know who made it or what it was call, I look in the snippet section and haven't seen it, would very much appricate if anybody could help me out with it

TheWhistler   -  Mar 13, 2011

@johnfm John
type in search bad nick , you find what your looking for good luck
one i like is call bad nick and ident, try that 1 out think your like it

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