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Chromatic   -  Nov 19, 2013

Hey guys -- Anyone have a good snippet to limit the output to X lines or Y characters? IE: Anything that exceeds X character/words/lines is cut off.

The purpose is to limit scripts in a chat channel from outputting too much data,.. ie: Using say Wolframalpha some searches are quite short in their resulting output,.. but some searches (not intended to spam) can output 25 lines or more of text spamming the channel.

Any code to paste in the scripts I need to limit the output would be appreciated -- or even just a link to a snippet/code already on here that has the code in it to limit output so I can dig it out myself would be fine.

Appreciate any help.

Chromatic   -  Nov 04, 2013

How would you remove a file extension from a variable that had a file stored in it.

I've used
%variablename = $left(%variablename, -4)

And this works for most files.. but a few files it starts removing the last 4 characters before the . -- So it starts cutting off 4 characters of the part of the filename I want.

For example if the file were the movie Braveheart.mp4 -- Sometimes it would show Braveh

On most instances it will show just Braveheart

This may be due to VLC or something, but a work around / different way / or check would be immensely helpful.

Goal is to say take Braveheart.mp4 and have it store in a variable as just Braveheart.

Not sure why the method of code I am using on some files pulls more than just the .xxx file extension.

So, just curious if there were another way to go about it that would eliminate the "sometimes" removal of more than just the file extension of video files.


Chromatic commented on a Page, Word Definition   -  Nov 03, 2013

Did my update/fix help you? I know you just didn't know it wasn't working.. but it seems you adopted some of the minor changes I did to make it functional again.. except your url is english and not american_english.

I'm not an experienced IRC coder,.. but I decided to just take a stab at it and figured perhaps the website format had changed a bit.. and adjusted the URL but it didn't work exactly.. and added the "www" as well, and then it worked perfectly.

The Pronunciation is a neat feature, but I use this in a JTV chatroom, so I try to minimize any unnecessary information due to limited chat space. I also run Urban dictionary, as often the dictionary doesn't pick up the word -- especially if it is in an adverb/adjective format.. so I have it say " No Results have been found, please try !Urban (word)" for example. :)

Great and efficient script. Your coding looks quite good and not bloated (like mine would be). Do you code in anything else?

Chromatic commented on a Page, Word Definition   -  Oct 30, 2013

Thanks for script.

It stopped working over the last month or so..

I managed to correct it by modifying the following:

sockopen define 80 


  sockwrite -nt $sockname GET $+(/us/definition/american_english/,$lower($3)) HTTP/1.1

For any using it, and need to fix it to work with the new website layout of oxford.

Take care.

Chromatic   -  Oct 19, 2013

Looking for a News Bot/Script for IRC. This will be used in a Chatroom, so it needs to pull from a website (perhaps several) , and be very lean and concise/short. IE: Top news story for the area should be a few lines from the bot. -- Would like to be able to do something like !news us (to pull top US story of the hour).. !news uk (To pull top UK story of the hour),.. and bonus would be to add Canada, Australia (all the major english speaking areas).

Anyone interested in this? -- I've seen one news bot on here, it's old and pulls from reuters, reuters web site has changed... Thanks

Chromatic commented on a Page, Wolfram|Alpha Script (Wolfram Alpha)  -  Aug 04, 2013

Great script.. now have all the power of WolframAlpha in my Channel.. Almost only limited to your imagination. Appreciate it.

Chromatic commented on a Page, Twitter Search Script  -  Aug 04, 2013


Chromatic commented on a Page, Twitter single token status update  -  Aug 04, 2013


Chromatic commented on a Page, Text From Lastnight   -  Aug 03, 2013

Cool script.

Can any give me some help on the code?

It works fine,.. but the URL that is shown next to the Text isn't clickable in chat. This may be due to being inline with text, etc.. Could someone show me how to modify this code to make the URL a link to be clickable in chat (specfically a Justin TV chat which runs off IRC) -- or perhaps simply show me how to modify the code to move the URL that is displayed next to the Text on it's own line or put it in a variable so I can msg then channel with it on a second line or wherever?


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