Mar 27, 2008

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Phoenix847 commented on a Page, Blacklist  -  Oct 01, 2008

A quick way to do this is instead of putting "yournick", set a variable... Like %blname (Your Name)
And then change everything from "yournick" to %blname

alias blname {
set %blname $1 
echo -a :: Your BlackList name has been set to $1 :: 

Then add in the description to do /blname (Your Name) so the script will work.
It makes things easier :]

Phoenix847 commented on a Page, Protector 1.05  -  Jun 21, 2008

A game that doesn\'t lag for my terrible computer and is fun!
Lmao, nice job BlueThen... Gah you keep making these fun games to play xD I love it

Phoenix847 commented on a Page, Alias Manager Dialog  -  Jun 02, 2008

Still good; 9/10.

But I still find no use to it lol. I\'m more into the full window thing with the Script Editor.

Phoenix847 commented on a Page, Defender 1.11  -  Jun 02, 2008

Amazing, I love it.

Unfortunately, with a computer like this:
(17:40:19) <@PhoenixBot> (CPU1) Intel Pentium III processor @ 935MHz (Asus CUW-AM/MEW-AM mainboard) , 57.9MB free (HDDs) 37.2GB, 14.4GB free
(17:40:19) <@PhoenixBot> (VGA1) Intel(R) 82810E Graphics Controller (Microsoft Corporation) (32MB), 1024x768x24, 60Hz (OS) Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (SP2), 1h 24m 9s uptime, 2d 7h 35m 25s uptime record

The game fails for me. Still, 10/10. Amazing work.

Phoenix847 commented on a Page, !Slang  -  May 21, 2008

Yes, but I\'ve never tried to script PHP or learn it at least lol. I\'m totally lost with it.
But from the random testing of just trying stuff, I\'ve found Line 149 - \" /request example2 %SlangURLS7 $chan 4,1\", if you change $chan to $nick, it will PM the person instead... My only problem is changing it do a .notice message.
However for the messaging $chan part... thats simple, leave it the same and change !slang to @slang =/ BUT I still need it to be .msg
So Napa, as smart as you are, you might be able to give me a hint :P

Phoenix847 commented on a Page, !Slang  -  May 21, 2008

Actually, this can still be used for spam. My friend did \"!slang 2 Noob\" and a lot of messages starting appearing in the channel and eventually led to Excess Flood.
Could you make it possible on !slang it will do a \".notice $nick\"
And on a @slang it will do a \".msg $chan\"

That would be greatly appreciated, and I say the . before msg/notice as it won\'t flood me, if you didn\'t know that :p

Phoenix847 commented on a Page, Time dialog  -  May 04, 2008

[10:32:07 PM] <@PhoenixBot> Number of Seconds Connected 4179753 ,since I conected to mirc

A little typo ;O. Need a $+ so its the number, since and... messed up the word \"connected.\" Lol

Anyways, good stuff :D I like it.

Phoenix847 commented on a Page, World Time Bot  -  Apr 18, 2008

Not working.
(00:35:20) <@G|O|D> !time tokyo
(00:35:20) <@PhoenixBot> Please Wait - Retrieving Time for \"tokyo\"
(00:35:21) <@PhoenixBot> Current TimeZone Offset: Show clock in <a href=\"/worldclock/fullscreen.html?n=530\" onclick=\"return ofs(this)\"

And this is what I get in Status.

  • /sockopen: \'wtimed\' socket in use (line 26, TimeGlobal)

I\'m not good with sockets so theres absolute no way I could fix it lol

Phoenix847 commented on a Page, MP3 Player  -  Apr 14, 2008

Do you know what you\'ve done ^Neptune?

You\'ve replaced the Mp3 Player I used.

Congratulations, you got yourself a 10 for all this damn hard work + with the other guy that helped.
Its literally got everything I wanted + a little more. And what I especially like about this, I can close out of it and it continues to play.
You got it all man. Good job on this!
-Maybe, hmm, maybe I\'ll try to edit this a little, possibly I might try to add a link to find the lyrics to a song? Hmm, maybe I will, that is, if I have time :P. Theres a little idea for ya.

Phoenix847 commented on a Page, Evolution Mp3  -  Apr 07, 2008

Quite impressive but I do have a few complaints about it xD
How about adding a Volume Control and a Seeker to Fast Forward/Rewind through the song?
And when its able to message channels, can you make it have all this instead: [06:06:17 PM] <@PhoenixBot> (Metallica - One.mp3)(7mins 25secs/128 kbps/6.79MB)
---Where it shows (the Artist - Song name) (Length of song/the kbps /size of the song in MB)

And one more complaint, the mp3 player I have right now, I\'m able to close out of it and it will continue to play in the back.

Phoenix847 commented on a Page, Physics Engine  -  Apr 01, 2008

Wow, 13 and you\'re making all these scripts?! Dang kid, this is career you might wanna take with all the scripting like I am. I\'m not as good as you with scripting but I know some basics.

But yeah, I like it. The physics of the ball does look a little weird. It seems to drop just quickly after moving a short distance and it does seem a little rough on the moving but doesn\'t matter. Just try to fix it up a bit on the ball dropping quickly and thats all.
9/10 :]

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