Mar 16, 2008

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Horolaggia commented on a Page, Skin Engine v2  -  Oct 14, 2009

Yes, any you put into it.

Horolaggia commented on a Page, Skin Engine v2  -  Oct 14, 2009

Sorry been a while, I wont double post again.

Cracker: yes I did.

Horolaggia created a Page  -  Oct 13, 2009

Welp! Time for an update. We are now at v2 of my Skin dialog, and I plan to only have it getting better! I added in a random skin generator, and some text that explains what every button does! I would like to thank HeatedHeart for helping me fix the alias that the skin runs from. Aki deserves a lot of thanks for fixing the way the dialog looks, as well as for teaching me how to make mouse roll over..

Horolaggia created a Page  -  Sep 24, 2009

This is my first attempt at a Skin Engine. I plan to update it as I learn more and need more. It runs on a dialog, where if you click the "+" button you add a skin, "-" removes it. If you click the skin name it will echo you to show you what it will look like. Press "Save" to load it as your skin, you MUST have one highlighted.

Horolaggia created a Page  -  Mar 16, 2008

Well, this is a little thing I made for a bot of mine. It records friend codes for the wifi for Nintendo DS and Wii. It is easy to use, just use !writefc friendcodegoeshere to input your friend code and !findfc nickhere to find them. Please tell me what you think, but be gentle this is one of my first scripts that I think are good enough to become public.

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