Mar 15, 2008
St. Louis, Missouri

About me

MIT student, programmer.




BlueThen   -  Jul 08, 2013

I made a video showing the progression of my algorithms.
BlueThen   -  Feb 06, 2013
BlueThen   -  Jan 31, 2013
I made a 3D simulation of the Solar System... then hurled a sun-massed object through it
BlueThen   -  Jan 22, 2013
More destruction of the solar system:

In my opinion, these are all turning out very beautifully.
BlueThen   -  Jan 21, 2013
Here's what the solar system would look like if we were to move the sun over by about 112 million miles (180 million km or 1.2 AUs).
BlueThen   -  Jan 21, 2013
This is what the solar system would look like if a sun sized spaceship were to just casually pass through.
BlueThen   -  Jan 15, 2013
600,000 asteroid time lapse:
BlueThen   -  Jan 13, 2013
Every asteroid known to man. I'll be rendering a time-lapse pretty soon.
BlueThen   -  Jan 06, 2013
@Hawkee I just noticed that most of my Processing applet demos aren't working. (eg.
BlueThen   -  Dec 10, 2012
What is's opinion on YouTube's new design?
BlueThen   -  Dec 08, 2012
@Hawkee I uploaded a new avatar quite awhile ago, and it hasn't changed. In fact, the avatar on my profile doesn't match the one in my account settings (which has the newer one).
BlueThen   -  Nov 11, 2012
@Hawkee I guess this is only inevitable. You should add a "report" button.
BlueThen   -  Nov 09, 2012
Alright, I made larger icons and removed the descriptions.

I'd like to make the banner javascript, but I'm having issues getting Processing to export working code.

I'm thinking about hiding the applets on the pages, and instead showing the gallery first (with maybe an expandable box containing the applet?)

More ideas/feedback/critiques appreciated.
BlueThen   -  Nov 06, 2012
I made a portfolio. Please give any feedback.
BlueThen   -  Nov 06, 2012
Hawkee, your notices are a bit funky now.

"Hawkee responded to a Status Update, Hawkee"

Clicking either the first or second Hawkee will bring me to your profile page (the second just having me scrolled down arbitrarily). I end up having to find the comment thread manually.
BlueThen   -  Oct 22, 2012
@Hawkee You should make comment threads linkable.
BlueThen   -  Sep 29, 2012
What would you recommend for VPS or web hosting?
BlueThen   -  Sep 07, 2012
Another tutorial I wrote. An attempt to make linear simulations of ragdolls and fabrics as easy as possible to understand and follow. Let me know what you think!
BlueThen   -  Jul 13, 2012 What are your favorite books on coding?
BlueThen   -  Jul 10, 2012
BlueThen   -  Jun 06, 2012
Did some changes to the design at

Any thoughts?
BlueThen   -  May 30, 2012
@Hawkee might find this relevant.

Twitter getting rid of hashbang URLs and javascript generated pages
BlueThen   -  May 11, 2012
I wonder if this uses BB code
BlueThen   -  Mar 21, 2012
Hello world!
BlueThen   -  Dec 03, 2011
@Hawkee Hawkee, your ideas remind me of Stack Overflow, esp. its reputation system.
BlueThen   -  Aug 03, 2011
@Hawkee OpenProcessing just mentioned Hawkee's Processing section on Twitter.
BlueThen   -  Jul 15, 2011
@Hawkee Hi Hawkee.

I posted a new Processing applet:

The "Try Demo" seems to not work. Processing was recently updated to 1.3, and I had similar embedding issues. Can you look inside the index file included in the zip, and copy the embedding code from there?

Also, when you do get it to work, mind changing the size to 640x480? :)
BlueThen   -  Jun 08, 2011
@Hawkee You should look at this:
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