Mar 05, 2008

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ShAmPi commented on a Page, user friendly pastebin uploader  -  Aug 02, 2008
  • /hadd: no such table \'pset\' (line 101, pastebin.mrc)

And yes I have the latest mirc version

ShAmPi commented on a Page, Excessive Color Kick  -  Jul 23, 2008

Could this be made with
Notice on first time they use /me
And kickban second time they use /me ?

Nice lil script ;)

ShAmPi commented on a Page, Xdcc Search Bot Script 2.8  -  Jun 25, 2008

It\'d be awesome if it auto requested every time a download is finished from that paticular bot.
So you don\'t have to wait to finish the first download and manually type in the next download command.
Know what I mean?

ShAmPi created a Page  -  Apr 02, 2008

Well this is what the title says it is :) Just a simple guestbook script for use in mIRC.

ShAmPi commented on a Page, Energy Sword  -  Mar 31, 2008

Well he uses var %sword $rand(1,9999999) because he want\'s to show some random damage :)

And if it\'s lower than 9000 it doesn\'t kill him :)
So if you use another var for damage only and 1,2 for the output, it wouldn\'t fit right.

But indeed he should have done if (%sword =< 9000)

Nontheless I would do it different as well :)

ShAmPi commented on a mIRC Script, HypeRPG  -  Mar 11, 2008

Well I fixed most bugs (even map works) But I can\'t seem to figure out how to equip stuff I found/bought oO

ShAmPi commented on a Page, Bible Passage System V2.0  -  Mar 05, 2008

I don\'t hate jesus ;)
But that\'s just because I don\'t believe at all.
Besides that fact that nobody cares about.
Your script is damn nicely done and should be rated for the scripting. And not enterily because someone \"hates\" jesus.

I give you my props! And a 10 ;)

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