Feb 01, 2008

.NET Code Snippets

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Dec 17, 2009
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A recent PHP Script was posted which contained "ports" of the token functions from mIRC which can be very helpful

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Dec 04, 2009

Opens a console window and reads latest FML (F**k my life) lines from the website. Testing the use of web clients without GUI and regular expression

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Oct 06, 2009

A Password generator for VB.NET, just load this up as a console application and hit debug.

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Sep 28, 2009

A Console Application to convert between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Alternatively, you could use the c2f() and f2c() functions for other purposes

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