Feb 01, 2008

mIRC Code Snippets

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  May 30, 2010
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I was curious how quickly people "followed" peoples pages, the popular ones that is.. seems a lot.. well that was pointless. So here you are.

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Feb 14, 2010

Because of Spotify's HTTP connectivity. It is possible to view the name of a song if someone posts it in a channel easily. Either using the built in auto-feed. Which can alternatively be disabled. Or using the alias /Spotify [name-of-track/album]This version also now deals with album names too.

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Jan 20, 2010

[b]Updated: The website decided to incorporate some sort of useless encoding of URL's to proxies. This script takes care of that using the decode keys (different per page). Report any problems Jonesy44[/b]

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Aug 01, 2009

How fast can you get from A-Z on your keyboard? Take this test & find out :)

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Jul 31, 2009
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5 Seperate aliases to do some fairly simple tasks

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Jun 21, 2009

What is this? Another, but working, simple (!)learn and (!)say bot. This was made by request for a friend of mine.

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  May 29, 2009

I decided to develop this very simple script when my computer clock decided to f*ck up, im now using it more than the main computer clock so i thought i'd share =)

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  May 27, 2009
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Usage $eta(avg_speed[b/s kb/s mb/s gb/s],downloaded_data[b kb mb gb],file_size[b kb mb gb]).[1/3]

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Apr 23, 2009
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Introduction This script simply takes the address/host of a user. Checks it against a database of countries and abbreviations and will tell you where a user is from. it's as simple as that.

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Apr 13, 2009

Introduction Updated, new $explode feature. Serves the same purpose as the PHP explode() function.Syntax:

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Apr 13, 2009

Introduction Calculates X,Y,or H of a right-angled triangle. dialog included. screenshot below. syntax is /pythag

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Apr 09, 2009
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What does this do? For anyone who's a fairly good scripter, you will have used tokens ($gettok, etc.). This script simply takes a string and seperates it using the delimiter which is a character or ascii value. the results are then listed in a list box for you to view.

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Apr 07, 2009
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Regex? Regex (Regular Expressions) is an advanced search/find function in a string of text/unicode.

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Mar 29, 2009
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The additional .s prop is to strip any color from the string Examples:

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Mar 24, 2009
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Updated to match the website's slightly changed code, normal use restored.

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Feb 04, 2009

Simply enough, protects you from sajoin abuse. As soon as you are "force joined" to a channel it is enabled for 30secs. any channels during that 30secs you are forced to join, you will part.

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Jan 25, 2009

Returns the symbol of the user, makes it easier to use than isop isvoice .. etc. also allows you to use user statuses such as & and ~ whereas mirc does not support it without a long non-memorable string whereas this is easier :)

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Jan 23, 2009

Realised i didn't have one, so i made one.

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Jan 07, 2009
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Short snippet to limit a string's length. the idea is derrived from webpages which show the start of an article or phrase/etc.. this is the mIRC version

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Dec 13, 2008

Introduction This is an addon for the .. addon. uh yeah, works with the uTorrent WebUI script i released a day or so ago this is the first release of it and i will be making it into a toolbar item soon and adding icons for pause/download etc.

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Dec 12, 2008

Introduction This is a beta version of the uTorrent web client, it streams the information from the web user interface function, therfore you will need to enable it in the utorrent options panel. One note i have to add, until the bug is fixed, if there are any commas in the name of the torrent, some errors may occur since the script depends on commas to seperate tokens.

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Dec 11, 2008

This is an alias i created for going with my uTorrent add-on but i thought i'd release it on here as it's quite handy

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Dec 09, 2008

My version of a power script, technically it's not accurate since you don't have power over ~ if you are @ but hey! it gets the idea accross

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Dec 08, 2008

Yes! i know, it's been done before. But i perfer this version for a few of reasons;

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Dec 01, 2008

This is the equivalent mIRC version of my PHP port checking script.

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Sep 30, 2008

Spearman's rank correlation coefficient is a method of seeing how close two sets of data are together, giving a number between -1 and 1 showing if the data is related or not, this script simply shows you the result without the hastle of going through the forumula;

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Aug 16, 2008

Latest script.. wanted a text color'er that worked real well and had plenty of options and a dialog so here tis.

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Aug 12, 2008

Paste into mirc remote (ALT + R) and type;/typespeed

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Jul 07, 2008

A range of useful aliases i have on my mirc system, these all go into remotes.

Jonesy44 created a Page  -  Jul 06, 2008

For any of you that have come accross the "idleRPG" this is a great script to keep track on your status stuff.

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