May 22, 2013

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Midian commented on a Page, AKA Nick Tracker  -  May 25, 2013

Hey Ford, I was wondering if you ever found a workaround for Eirwyn's question regarding entire ident@hostmask?

The Pastebin link you provided didn't seem to work for him/her and it doesn't work for me either. Great script, but I get a lot of people using Mibbit in my channel, so it's almost unusable for me, as you can see from this section of the NickNames.hsh:


Midian commented on a Page, Bar sytem that uses money  -  May 23, 2013

Wow, old script but still great fun. Thanks Lucius!

I signed up because I have a problem though, total noob scripter here so don't expect much of me... is there an easy way to edit this script to support multiple prices on items? Any attempt I make at adding higher priced items to the bottom just adds up both prices regardless of item bought, and when I tried to implement a higher tier of items in a separate .ini they both conflicted and neither would work.

Thanks for any help!

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